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  • Oooooh Z'z babiiiiiiiiie~!!
    I've really been distant from you lately havn't I? Ahahah-wait no!

    You're soooooo very loving and sweet to me~ I would take a single post from you over a million meatriders~!

    From the bottom of my heart im sorry for being so distant. :< Lets get together and be awesome again, fuzzyman~

    Speaking of awesome, have you heard of place called pixiv? :>
    Bad news, The chance that I'll miss some of the tourney just got bigger.
    My mon informed me that we will be eating dinner at my grandparents at 5:30 pm.
    I can hope for two things, either the tourney starts on time and my grandma is late with dinner or vice versa.
    I asked link2tl if he would be you back up partner if I have to miss any of the races and I'm waiting for a response
    Btw I just thought Id let you know there is like a 5% chance I won't be able to play the whole tourney.
    Im going to my grandparents so hopefully I can play the whole thing.
    I've played at my grandparents before hopefully their internet can handle it.
    A Tier
    1. Land Speed
    2. Acceleration

    B Tier
    3. Mini-Turbo
    4/5. Land Handling/Stability

    C Tier
    6/7. Air Handling/Offroad
    8. Sea speed

    D Tier
    9. Weight
    10/11/12. Air Speed/Drift/Sea Handling

    Made one change, put Sea speed behind Offroad.
    You could have all the sea speed in the world but if you don't have stability it's not gonna matter much.
    I have a TON of homework -.- and Im going to Bible study :P

    Tomorrow night? And if not Saturday night?
    Hey dude, I finally added you on my 3DS. Here's my FC 1418-7200-8489

    Now I just need to get MK7, lolz.
    Top tier:

    A tier:

    B tier:
    *Mini turbo

    C tier:
    Sea speed
    **Air handling
    Sea handling
    **Air speed

    G tier:

    *these 2 stats are interchangeable
    **air handling is needed for certain short cuts, IMO air speed doesn't make much of a difference.(I've tested it slightly)
    Ok gimme some time to think about it.
    Is you smashfest tonight? If not we I can discuss it over skype during some races.

    I know i said i would answer your pm tonite, but i have 2 tests to study for and a long speech to make all by tomorrow, so i probably can't truly answer your pm until Tuesday nite X_x

    I'm so sorry. Believe me, i really do wanna help, but so much of life (in other words, school >_>) is being really annoying by barraging me with so much work >_<
    Hmm... that's pretty cool. I didn't know that website even existed. o_0

    And lol. My Sherbet Land time is garbage. IDK why it's even on there.

    We should do a MKWii tournament again sometime, so I can actually enter it. :>

    Hey gashi you wanna de-rust ok mk7 tonight or sometime this weekend?
    I know we haven't played for awhile and I'm pretty rusty
    Found an Fshy art pic. Thought u might like.

    But it's all floofeh ._.
    It's kinda like a sheep that forgot how to grow wool properly :D
    and i thought bronies were misunderstood
    sorry that everyone in the pony thread was being mean to you about competitive Mario Kart. uhh *hug* that's all i got.

    One of our fellow SWF bronies, and one of the greatest, kindest, and best friends I've ever been blessed to meet was involved in a car accident and blah blah blah


    If you know Drue at all, you should know how great of a person he is.
    0_0 i'm not all that stuff. i'm not sure i'm any of that stuff.
    Sorry my moms transferring couldn't be stopped :(
    I'm able to play tonight, and if not I'm free tomorrow.
    Can we move mk7 time to 3:00 pm?
    My mom decided to do a mass wireless file transfer and I want to wait so I'll have more bandwidth :/
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