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  • such a great movie

    I was honestly kind of afraid it wouldn't be that good, but then I saw it and was just like

    I just saw your post in the P:M thread and I thought I was in the Utah Thread for a moment... XD

    Anyway, if you haven't been following the thread closely, then I'll tell you this: Ivysaur is pretty much confirmed (and to have a Solarbeam special) in Demo 2.5 with that last bit in the teaser video. I'm happy that Ivysaur is finally going to be playable! =D
    Z'zgashi, your vote has repeated members. You can only vote for the same person once per ballot. Please swap out the other two Minks with other people in the list if you want your vote to count.
    Lol yea. So you're one of those people that get better when they don't care? Ya ever play drunk? You'd probably turn into a super saiyan at this game. <3

    Wow, so you really are a true blue mario fan? thats pretty rare now a days. Too be honest, I tried picking up bowser to, but I just can't play the guy at a competitive level. All I do is up-b out of shield and clawclawclaw~ =w= Heres hoping he's good in atleast one incarnation of the game. =/ Just once i'd like to see a slow bruiser like boozer in the top tiers, ya know~?
    The heck?
    Your a Boozer-User now? Ohhh what about the yoshter? I'm starting thing you just like everything with scales n tails. =w=
    Thanks. I have them both and was considering the second one as my sig.

    Do you know what she's supposed to be singing too?
    looking at it it makes me think it's something opera like.
    No PM64 is my next thing I want for VC ;_;

    They need to make it available on 3ds VC because honestly I don't find much time to play my wii :/
    Can I put down that you will team with me in the 2vs2 tourney?
    It should start in about a week/when there is enough sign ups.
    Is your internet been acting up or have you been busy?

    anyways I wanna talk to you about mkwii stuff so get on skype moar :3
    i just botched my OoT speedrun on ganon of all parts. made a bad roll that didnt go under his legs and bam, speedrun ruined ugh lol
    oh XD. yeaaaaaa i somehow was rushing thru looking for zajs name and saw the z for zz and was like durrrrr here it is.

    also, come to the pgd more. ur in our OP u shld frequent it more u slacker
    realized that i posted about a zelda speedrun u did and it wasnt you. for shame, taking someone elses credit. you are the worst kind of person <3
    Cause I was gonna say the art style looks like it was done by John Joseco, which I figured it was.

    It's hard for me to see that as human Twi with it being black and white.
    Not to mention I haven't gotten around to playing much of it yet as well as many other games. :\
    Pssh MKW online is all I play. and yea sure i don't mind stopping by for a tourney. I can probably get my dad to sign up too. Really, its him that got me into mario kart. Its sad though. You heard about the tourney I went to right?

    He got beaten in the first round....

    by a 10 year old.

    Well yeah he kinda does play Bowser but I'm not sure what his main is anymore. He isn't very active at all either way. But all right.
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