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  • Hey, Z. Been a long time! And yeah, I'd like to say I've def improved. Really? Been playing offline?

    Nah. How's your summer been, man?
    Hmm I havent been doing much at all! Only thing I'm looking forward to right now is getting my breakfast :D
    I probably got worse since I have not been able to play anyone.....

    Whats up with you, man? :)
    Not at all really, but then again I'm not that good. I usually get put in my place by the monsters. But I still join a few tourneys now and then, and I don't know what link you would want?
    Rather well I suppose, the community has grown in the OTL and I'm happy to see it so alive. I am happy as of now and trying to see life in a new angle but that is still rather hard to do. May I see you on these forums now that your back.
    Hello Zeadro, I doubt that you remember me but we brawled a loooonnng while ago.
    I was looking through my f-list and we happen to have a good connection. (According to the circle-colour anyway)

    We have to play again sometime, if you feel like it or even remember me anyway....
    Hey no problem. Gg's man. But we have to do another match. Because i have to be two points ahead of you man. :p Remember in the rules? I'll make room for last (if i win) If you wanna lose this way it's cool with me. But i'm hosting a room. Please, if you join don't be kirby and i'll be my second main as well. If not, then Gg's man.
    hey we have a match fro padalins wots tornament i can play ata around 9pm onwards in my time and i lvie in the uk
    lol a brawl clan. Basically we are an organization of brawlers. We will have tournaments, ranks, etc. And probably have a few battles with other brawl clans.
    Would you be interested in joining a clan- Mid Air Democracy? We'd love if you joined.
    Kishiru? Yeah I've seen him on the boards. lawl
    Don't know who he actually is though...

    And yeah I was there. I got 7th in Brawl singles in the tourney. o.o
    3rd in doubles with radiX.
    Very sorry, my comp has been pretty much dead until this morning. ._. I understand if I get DQ'd if I can't catch you today.
    hey zeadro:)
    i see the deadline for your tournament is tommorrow??
    i was wondering if i could have one more day for my match(monday)?
    im very sorry to ask you this, but i have been very hectic latelywith the holiday season and all :ohwell:
    i will assure you that i would get the matches done if you allowed me this extra time
    Hey for your tourney, if we have to play each other, come over to do it offline! >:C

    So we both get no johns.
    hey buddy, see your an animal crossing fan. could you possibly entertain my girlfriend and add her? 4168-4919-8621, she just got it and wants to try out her wiispeak.
    Hey, I've been meaning to message you for a while. I ALWAYS miss you in the newarena xat, I come back and you're offline, haha. I'm in there quite often, so you'll find me there.

    me I'm still trying to get better now maining lucario and fox trying to get the jump lasers perfected and staying in school getting 3 A's 2 B's 2 C's lolol and all that other good stuff like hangin out and what not.
    Hey Kaden, I have wi-fi at my house now. If you ever feel like playing and stuff just let me know. :3

    Also, our phone broke and all that jazz... So call my mom's number or just give me yours.

    Here's my mom's (321)297-1207. inb4 "OMG PHONEZ OVER DA INTERNETZ?!"
    I wish I could, but I my sister is using the lab top. So we would get a lot of lag. Sorry. . . .

    Nice seeing you again
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