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  • I know he is, I'm not stupid. And I'm not giving him bad advice you ignorant *******. Good for you, I never asked you.
    DDD can be amazing! @_@
    I'm getting a little better... But I just went to a friend's house, and his TV didn't have lag like mine, and when I came back home to my supper laggy TV, I started sucking for a bit... But I'm almost back to what I was! xD
    OK, cya later! ;)
    You gradually became famous from being in the New New Members Fight Arena! ^_^
    Most of the people know who you are on the New New Members Fight Arena Chat! =D
    (And they even corrected me on how to spell your name! xD (Zedro = Wrong - Zeadro = Right! xP LOL!))
    So that's how that group knows you so well! ^_^

    BTW, I'll be up for some matches prolly this weekend. ;)
    I'll probably just be hosting a room, and anyone can join! xD
    ☆ We have a match on the Packin' In the Pounds online tourney. Just message me when your ready. ☆
    OK, that's fine. Everyone knows who you are on Wi-Fi anyway! xD
    (You're Famous! @_@ )

    So, anything going on other than Brawl? Any new games you've been playing?

    I've been playing a free MMORPG called Knight Online for the PC! ^_^
    It's like WoW, but FREE! xD
    (You just get more stuff if you pay. =P But you really don't have to to be good at the game! ^_^ )
    You have to play on the (mostly) English server Carnac-West, if you do play! @_@
    I'm a semi-expert at that game! xD LOL! ~_^
    Hey you should face some of the smashers on Gaia! :D Just to see how good they are compared to the people from here.
    Oh my, I can't beat you in Brawl! Sure... I guess what happened when you were here doesn't count. (According to you.)
    when you used D3 back air attack (That little kick) when I tried to grab onto the edge or when I was hanging by my pikmin recovery. I got slammed into the bottom edge of FD and was sent flying down.
    That forward smash has bigger hit box then I thought. Also wow I had no idea D3 back air could stage spike that well. If I did I would have ran more.
    not really, except you roll a little bit 2 unesscary, that's when i just laid back and started reading your rolls.
    Because you're obsessed with getting higher titles, to make yourself feel better. Jit, play against other people in real life, and don't worry about playing online. I'm only showing you tough love! >:3

    We need to play more Brawl and Melee. I'll make you the best!!! D:<
    Your D3 was pretty good but it felt kinda sluggish on the ground for some reason. never agian shall I use a wave bird for tourney matches!

    I still have three gamecube controllers O_V

    ALso yeah gamespot sells really bad controllers.
    yeah I got some medicine for it. It is a muscle kinda thing. The musle swelled and it feels painful. I hope you do not have to go through this much pain @_@

    You better win and activate my machine. I shall be in the sideline
    My jigglypuff feeled a little off do you not think so?

    Also what type of controller do you use. I just got the new one, it is a wireless wave bird, and it feels way to big.
    I still feel like I did horriblly. My old controlloer broke and I got this new party one. It feels so odd I couldn't get used to it. Darn I feel horrible today, my back is just in horrible pain all day, and I can not even sit. I hope I get better by tomorow. Well good luck and do not make me look bad by losing to a noob in the next round.
    What is your obsession with getting higher titles? Even if you get them it doesn't prove you are good. GET WRECKED IRL BRAWL! **** YO WI-FI! D:<<
    hey, seeing as Im up against you, and your FC apparently doesnt work...think you could check if it changed on your Wii?
    hmn, im replaing ace for that doubles tourney, and your friend codedoesnt work o.O
    I see you finally got your tourney director title. You should try doing a real life tourney... Instead of Wi-Fi.
    Sounds like a plan. But if we're going to have names like that, let's call ourselves the Jello Neopets! :bee:
    what did you think of my ganon?

    also, smashville as a counter pick guarenteed victory for you, I suck there lol.
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