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  • Uh just doing general studies in college. For ministry I'm invovled with Campus Crusade for Christ and The Navigators, so I'm doing something with them at least 3 nights of the week. It pretty sweet yeah. SR=Sacred Realm. ;o

    Do you have Ugg's facebook? He's on there all the time.
    Hey bru. I accidentally clicked on this site for the first time in over a month, so lucky you that you posted yesterday lol. :p
    I haven't been doing much. I've been more invovled with college/ministry life nowadays more-so than brawl and online forums. I am around the AiB Link boards and Christian Gamers group on there though. A lot of the old SR members go here now: http://xat.com/MootsBrawlMsger
    I'm rarely go there anymore though. Stay cool.
    Yo! what's up man? Care to brawl sometime? I got some wifi now and im looking forward to some brawls with the smash boards community once again. Anyway hit me up if you wanna brawl some. Peace (^V^)
    Hey Bear, Big Bear is back online with a hansome new black wii. 2705 7201 9034 8022. i hope your still playing and look forward to getting competitive again.
    Thanks alot man. I'm glad i'm getting some reputation as a dedede masta!! So how have your brawling skills coming slong their amigo? I'll see you around take care peace. (^V^)
    Haha, that's awesome. I'm in the same boat. :p

    Lol! I love the picture, that's so awesome. <3
    I'm going to college in the fall so i'm just gonna enjoy my freedom and do pretty much nothing in the summer lol.
    When did i become famous buddy? I did'nt realize some people knew me so well. Anyway i can't brawl on wi-fi for awhile because my wi-fi is gone for now. I using a friends computer. Peace for now.

    P.S. If you coud show me how people know me that would put a bounce in my step thanks.
    Oh hey there. Nothings up with me besides I just graduated tonight. What about you?
    I definetely am. Just let me know, I'm always on the xat when I'm on a computer.

    <3 Bear!
    you registered me in your friends list??
    I forgot so sorry school takes so much of my time and i forgot =(
    ♡I'm sorry about ending our free-for-all matches Mr. Bear! Mr. Star and I had to leave when the match started. The match looked like it was going to be really fun! Let's be sure to do that again soon! ;)
    Ah so that IS you! I couldn't figure out who I was Brawling at first. I just saw your "anyone can join" invitation and thought, hey why not?
    bummer man. well i have today and tomorrow but i cant wednesday threw friday.
    i got somethin i wanna test on a lucath or neth. you use lucath. so we should face again soon :chuckle:
    Marth's only bad match-ups are MK, Snake, and D3
    Falco's are Kirby (his worst) Marth, GW, and IC's

    For Marth, try and use projectiles against him.

    For Falco, don't get grabbed :/
    probly to play me today. since i've been sucking beyond belief lately D;

    Edit: like srsly i recently lost to someone i used to beat easier than you. :(
    Thanks! It's nice to see some kind people on the boards :D

    Me? Erm, I suppose I'm doing okay. How's about you? We should Brawl sometime.
    lol nice description :laugh:

    and TL is gay because hes based off the original link and hes basically a powerpuff girl, yet hes a way better character overall. so all the link mains refer to him as 'gay' :)
    **** straight i play with everyone in bottom tier =P

    i cant remember specific funnies that happened i know there were some. lol.

    p.s. go to the link boards and read the titles of the first 5 non-stickied threads. :laugh::laugh::laugh:

    p.s.s. toon link means gay

    p.s.s.s. ok i remember a funny. me winning with ganon on pirate ship with song of storms playing with 2 stocks left! when i lost like every other one. i told you that stage/song is mine :laugh:
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