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    The other one was pretty legit yeah. Had to upgrade to the new size though.
    I like your avatar but there's no "like" button under it so I will just say "I like your avatar."

    I like your avatar.

    Please tell me your purpose of having a phone and Skype if you are incapable of using either. #ByeFelica
    If you respond when I'm asleep I'm not going to respond.
    Xiivi can you fix smashboards please? I still miss old smashboards.
    When you click on a thread that's bold (has new messages) it brings you to the first unread, instead of the first page. Why isn't there a "go to first unread" button??? Please send help
    Yo did you know that if you click the date under the thread title, it takes you to first page? It's a little less intuitive than "go to first unread" button, but hey it works.
    Oh derp, I didn't realize multiple people could be on a character board for some reason. :P Any chance I can be put on Robin too? I frequent that board pretty frequently and am trying to learn Robin better anyway. I hope four sections (Mac, Robin, WiiU, Groups) wouldn't be seen as too much though.
    Hey Xiivi do you know if this site gives any options as far as using html.

    So basically I want to make a nice table of frame data to upload to the donkey kong forums. I want to do the table in html instead of an image. Is this possible? I can easily make the table but I don't know if it is possible to post.

    I can do an image if need be :)
    there's a bbcode for tables, if you look in the guides in the welcome center it lays it out there; i'm on my phone now
    Cool, I should be able to find it.
    You da bess Xiivi :)b
    Hi, my name is Tyler Arnhold and I'm a student at DePaul University in Chicago. Currently I am in an Online Communities course in which we choose to research this site. I am IRB certified to legally perform the required interviews. ALL information in the interview will be kept private. No personal information will be reported. If you could help me get an interview with anyone, I would VERY much appreciate it!
    We should play sometime, fellow Indiana Smasher!
    U should come to salty sunday some time then. Xiivis there every week
    Xiivi... Am I your best friend?
    "Xiivi likes this"


    Wait a minute... Xiivi has no friends...


    *Runs away crying*
    Just wondering, since 'DLC' has been confirmed in the direct, will the character forum come back or...?
    I just got a notice, at first I thought it was an ad cuz I'd get those when I first get on here, so I click the x as I do with the ads to make them go off my screen. But when I clicked the x this time, I was taken to a page asking if I want to dismiss it, it only gives me the dismiss option, I don't know what it said though but I would like to read it. What should I do?
    Hey I heard from my brother that you guys had some kind of strict anti alt policy. I just wanted to let you know that my brother's account is Madao and we both have same the same ip address . Hopefully no misunderstandings (aka bans) will occur.
    Hey, I am here to suggest making a SSB4 Forum for videos live streams and media.

    All the other games have forums for this
    Example :

    Project M Videos, Livestreams, and Other Media
    Brawl Videos, Livestreams, and Other Media

    I am looking for some people who can help me produce some smash 4 related media and I didn't really know where to post it.

    Not sure if that is in your capabilities but I figured I'd ask :)
    Who do you main? Or still undecided. If you still have my number you should hmu. I got a new phone so I don't have yours anymore. Obviously why I haven't been to a SS yet. :P
    Hello Sir/Ma'am

    When given the chance could you make your thread 'Sheik' into a sticky and expand upon it's name to better reflect how it has become our general discussion thread? It would be much appreciated, thank you.

    V/R (Now I'm just having fun, 'Very respectfully' )

    Xiivii what is your 3DS friend code? I wanna play with you when the game comes out :( I'll be extremely sad if you don't have a 3Ds either
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