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  • Hey Vel, GGs, though I'm pretty sure that lag screwed you up more than me, and sorry I had to leave kinda soon; had to go out. I sometimes play with Meta (he's surprisingly good >.>), and on Temple, I tend to stay in the lower part all the time. You have the advantage of being on ground, while the enemy has to someway or another be in the air above you. Works for me, but you probably play differently then me. Oh, and that darned Tornado. You once gave me like what, ~ 50% only using the tornado? :p Hope we can play sometime again.
    yeah for sure, my toon link needs some practice against metaknight, cause i expect to see alot of mks in the tourny scene. wanna play tommorow?
    fancy a few games? ive never played a metaknight before and i would like to practice against one.
    Sorry for the late reply. Been busy with school. Id have to find my brawl cd and thingy to hook it up online first =/ I barely play brawl though, melee first but barely enough time for that nowadays too. Spring break, first week in March I should be down to do anything though. Let me know ;)
    Hey man do you wanna play sometime add me I have my friend code on my profile I wanna find some from on my list.
    Hey whats up. What part of Florida are you from? Do you play Melee and Brawl? I don't play Brawl so I don't know how much help I can be in that area. If you need help with Melee though I would be more that happy to try to help you out.
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