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  • im picking up that weegie sir. D= i got him sorta down now, im comping with alot of people in the UC. But thats not saying much.
    Ya man good games all around. Teams are always the best. Steven wants to do it again this week I think but I know we gonna play regardless next week. Still dont know what im doing this weekend lol. Funny how we all really wanted to play as soon as we had to go:(
    You're the fox I played against at Hungrybox's house for Florida MAYhem, right?! I was the doctor mario player!
    dwayne! i need to do a training session like ed did. i dont care if i lose really, i need to look at my flaws WHILE i play the game. i freeze to much and flinch to much.
    I own melee but I'm not much of a player. Certainly not on a competitive level. But I do Brawl a lot.
    I'm right next to St. Petersburg

    Really appreciate the offer of help, but I've given up on Melee and moved to Brawl; got tired of having my main, Ness, owned by Sheik :p Thanks again for the offer of help :)
    Hi, I saw you were from Florida and am wondering if you wanna add me FC? I'm a casual player who's trying to learn some techs and get more competitive, so I've got a lot of room for improvement and whatnot, but I love to brawl and will get better. My main is Meta Knight, and I'm still getting used to him, so there's even more room for improvement there.

    Yeah man, it was open. I waited for you. But you never showed up. =( So I had to get owned in GG Accent Core. lol
    his car sucks. kye said u was gonna drive. well if seibrik goes u wouldnt have a spot open. if u go ill pay for ur gas and ull have a full car. so all u have to pay is 15 bucks to enter and food so thats like 15-25 for u cuz i got ur gas. and tourney only last till 7 pm. we'll be home by 10 pm. i still got the same number just call niel or the house when ever u need to holla
    Dwaaayne. Good matches at ZP. Your falco is pretty beast. lol, sorry I wasn't as talkative. I've been drained and out of it for the past week. =/
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