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  • Nah not really. We could get one started if everybody chipped in and bought that type of equipment. Though I'm not sure what the legality is, because Nintendo usually hates when people stream their games for non-commercial use. I was thinking on buying a dazzle and recording matches on certain days and have a youtube account strictly dedicated to smash and other fighters.
    2011 where you at and what you been up to? I went to FL for a bit with my pops and he fell asleep while driving and we both woke up to the sound of us driving off the road. Got there in about 23 hours but it was a pain. Don't have a facebook but when I get one I'll hit you up.
    yooo sup kimo, im looking for a teammate for gigabits next weekend and vsa in december, lemme know if ur down!
    Haha Kye you're gonna be mad proud of me when you see my Ganon...it might even look a little familiar. ;)
    Oh, I saw that wayyyyy back. Yeah man, that guy is fvcked up when it comes to bjtches. I did enjoy the beginning when he talks on how D'amato shaped his confidence. It's something that I can relate to since I have so many cousin. When ever I feel I have an influence over them I stay trying to make them feel like they're the best. Ha, I once ran into a kids house when I was younger cause he pushed my cousin but that's an other story.
    It's good for keeping spacing on platforms. Also after the initial forwardB is done if you hold down you'll lightly fall through the platform without telegraphing so it can give you an edge and options for switching up against opponents who are more proactive in their shielding.
    Good. On Battlefield you should be the man. Reverse ledge dash is so easy there you really have a wind range of options.
    Just from the sound of it I can picture what you're talking about. I'll mess with it more. I've just been focusing on the basics lately. Such as doing a move and trying to run or do an other move on the exact ending frame. You know, just working on having smooth sequential movements. I got some **** I wanna show you and I'm getting a capture card and VCR so I can stop just talking about it.
    I was messing with Marth and I found something fun to mess with but I don't know how practical it could be. Get on a platform and fall through it. As soon as you can forward b. It should look like he just does that real low floaty jump. Once the first forward b is over you can sneak in a fair before you land and maybe the first hit of nair.
    Don't really look like I'm coming back soon. Honestly I do wanna go back to visit the fam but the date is never right. Yeah, I was whipping on some people there. Only person who gave me some competition was HAX. We were trading rounds but the guys C.Falcon is great at tech chasing. You seen Linguini lately? His Ganon is looking soo pro I wanna send him a vid of the **** I'm working on and tell him to master it.
    Nice, use the forawrd smash a lot. I played Marth to unlock some of the characters and stages and I forgot how much I love that move.

    I'll be in FL soon.
    "I've been avoiding being recorded since my tech skill was terrible for so long. Now that they're just about there, I'll send some **** your way in the future. -You"

    Where are these vids? Did you go to Linguini's on Saturday?
    It's all good Kye. Did you enjoy yourself? And are you going to Linguini's on Saturday? The venue changed, so make sure you check the thread. :) Come and we'll get mad friendlies then.
    We can do it thursday as well. I picked friday, because it's the day right before Linguini's tournament. But any day is fine for me really, since my classes end around 1 pm. Let me know what's the most convient for you. :)
    LOL. Oh, God. That vid is the last thing you needed to see. I wanna play Melee but I don't have **** here. Kinda good though since I can just stay focused on doing my work outs. I've been dying to get a bag out here but I might just get a Cube with Melee. Nah, getting my bag.

    -Tip Mayweather
    Word Kye, hit up that tournament and make more white kids that play Peach cry. Upload the video and put that Rick Ross cry song on there for me.

    -TipTipper HXC
    Rofl, haha The tournament went well, a decent amount of people showed and things went over pretty smoothly; I'm going to try to start another tournament something soon. Try and make this one alright!? Take it easy.

    -Another Kimofanboy
    Lawl, don't hype me up. I haven't even played a fighting game in eight months. Send me some vids though of you versus some of the new school players. Only the ones you win please.

    Happy new year and birthday since I obviously missed that. I have Skype but I don't mess with it much since I don't know how to use it to call other Skype members. March is the time I'm heading back to the souf. I have some of my fam who now lives on the block Kyle used to live on. You'll be hearing from me soon and when you do we should definitely hit up some of the old school smashers and see what they've been up to or at least see how the new school is skilling it.
    You wanted to know how to moonwalk with marth and Roy, sry I've been absent on swf for quite a while so here's the reply (don't know if still needed....sry for being this late oO)
    Moonwalking is pretty much the same with every character, the timing is a little bit different, but the basics are identical.
    you press the stick in the direction you want to monnwalk to and go in that direction.
    then you quickly do the folloing movements:
    press the stick in the opposite direction then do half a circle to the other sde by pressing down.
    moonwalk example to the right side:
    walk to the right.
    press left, down left, down, down right, right.
    with a little bit of practice it is not that hard to do and looks pretty cool.
    i hope the instructions are useful otherwise send me a PM and I'll anser as good as I can^^
    Yeah I'm honestly surprised how much I've changed. A lot of things for me are different but without getting into it too much I'm still pretty much a hater, lawl. Maybe I might be in FL for Thanksgiving but I've been having some fam troubles so it's still pretty iffy.

    I check out Alex Jones on the daily and double check his **** cause it's too wild sometimes. But yeah bro I kinda miss the south but there isn't too much there for me. You know **** well I'll be hitting you up when I drop by. If anything I'll be there before the new year.
    bah, I remember when you were around, plus, someone's sig linked me to that stupid evo ruleset thread ^_^
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