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St. Viers
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  • Look for them as "Gijinka", or "Moe Gijinka", I did find an index with 400+ of them, and that was awesome...
    Hey, did you want to hang out sometime now that I'm back in Boston? I'm a good deal better than last time XD I'm a Falcon main now, and am thinking of having Sheik as a secondary. Let me know when you're free.
    NBC is Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, it's an arcade fighting game. Made up of other fighters from other arcade series. I was just asking if you played it because Hotaru is in NBC.

    Sorry to bother you mate.
    I just love it becasue I, like, never really play the game, but when my roommate challenging me to a random match, I always pull out some beginner's luck hax **** like perfect guard into atomic orgasm... it looks sexy and insulting simultaneously..... yay
    Yeah. It's literally -just- outside where I live. And my copy of Melee will work fine. It only has some issues on the Wii o_x;; I think I'm just going to buy a cube sometime soon. No rush right now since I hardly play it at Emerson. There's no one around here who plays, so I just play at Arc's when I do.

    But yeah, New England Medical. Oh, and there are two exits you can go out of. I can find you from either, and both are really close, but the Tremont Street exit is a little closer (and plus this way I know where to find you). Also, the Washington Street exit often has a lot of sketchy characters and hobos hanging around there. More reason to take the Tremont Street exit. There will be signs on the wall which tell you which way to go for where, but don't sweat it if you exit out onto Washington.
    All right. How does 2 sound? And could you bring your Gamecube? If not, it's all right. It's just that my Wii sometimes has issues reading Melee. It -should- work fine, but sometimes it doesn't. Last time I played it all that happened was that every time it messed up I just needed to pop it out and pop it back in and it would work fine again. It works great on a Gamecube, though.

    Let me know.
    Ah, wasn't sure. But yeah, I couldn't have made it. I don't have a car or a license and live 30 minutes outside of Boston when I'm not at school.
    Hahah, I totally missed seeing this until way too late. Oh well, I wouldn't have been able to make it anyway. Which UMass was it anyway?
    The overdone violence bothered me a little--but not nearly as much as the ridiculously gratuitous sex scenes. There was like what--3-5 sex scenes that were entirely unnecessary. That and they decided not to be so kind as to censor Dr. Manhattan at all. Eh...it's frustrating. I enjoyed the movie, but I felt like there was a ton that they did so gratuitously that would make me not want to see it again.

    But yeah, we'll see when next week rolls around.
    Ah, maybe we can play next week, then. And did you get a chance to see Watchmen? If you did, what did you think of it?
    I don't think it'll work out today ><;; If I checked this earlier it would have been fine, but I didn't. Sorry. It's like 2 right now and around 2:30 or 3 my roommate and I are going to grab tickets for Watchmen, and see it at 3:30 (we can only get the tickets an hour or half hour ahead of time--he gets them free since he works there--gotta love my roommate ;D).

    But yeah, so that wouldn't really leave any time in between. Sorry about that. But are you on break next week? And if so are you heading home? And if so, where to? Don't know if you'd be available then. I'll be heading back to Sharon, MA.
    from around 4:30 til late.

    I get out of class at like 12:00, but it takes like 45 minutes or so to get to NEMC and back so, :/
    Congratulations on 'acquiring' a girlfriend. Thursday is probably going to be easier for me than Friday, but I don't want to cut into your time with her. What time were you planning on hanging out with her and for how long?
    Hahah, you responded on your own profile. I do that sometimes, too. Glad to know I'm not the only one. But hey, when do you think you'll be free this week? Thursday would be good for me, and early on Friday--I'm seeing Watchmen later on. What do you think?
    No problem, don't worry about it. What's your name, though? I'm not sure what to put you as in my phone <.<;; My name's Ryan.
    This'll probably be hard to communicate with. Just give me a call when you get the chance. 781 686 0622.

    And I think it would need to be here--but we can talk about that whenever you get out of class. Either post or give a call. I'll be around.
    Either is good for me (I think). Well, I'll give you the lowdown so you can have a better idea. I'm out of class tomorrow at 12 PM. The only thing I need to do tomorrow is laundry. On Friday I might be getting a haircut (I recently chopped off like 2 feet of hair, so my hair is growing back really fast) in Newton--but I don't know what the scheduling will be like with that. I'll give a call tomorrow to set an appointment for that. And I don't have classes Friday, but I am heading to church and need to be there at like 8, getting off at St. Paul Street on the Green Line. So, with that information--what do you think is better for you? Thursday I don't need to be anywhere at night, though.
    Hahah, so I totally forgot to message you back when I got back to Boston T_T;; But I'm here now. We should totally play sometime. When are you free?
    ah, thought he had mentioned you--unfortunately his working until 4:30 makes it hard for me to find time to play him. ^_^ but yeah, I try--but yeah, so far you're the closest person besides dark cloud--have to play sometime ^_^
    Oh, I live literally three seconds away from the New England Medical Center stop on the orange line. When I'm in school that is. Actually ArcNatural and I meet up every Tuesday (but that might change with my schedule next semester) to play. He's the Wellington stop on the orange line. You could join us if all goes well scheduling-wise.
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