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  • hey buddy we have to fight for chris the brawlers tourney:] pm me back when it a good time for you to fight the deadline is friday so hurry to it:]
    Really? I thought u did well with mario! lmao. ur TL was good but prob just had a bad 1 lol. Thanks for the compliment.... see ya around! And yeah i rarely use Falco either!
    OMG i killed myself with the phantasm sooo many times lol. GGs anyway. And as noticeable Falco is not my main lol.
    0173-2745-5921..... AV ADDED U.... and i CP Battlefield..... les start now! good luck sand u host!
    There is a huge smash tourney scene here. Xyro runs Houston, just check his thread at the regional zones. Houston is nice, depending on where you plan to stay lol
    Are you ready right now? I'll CP Final Destination. We can start on SV.
    Heres what you should expect

    Weeeeeelllll erm we got
    Aiko: MK,Wario,Snake.
    Blinky:MK, wolf,marth,falco.
    Kmac: Yoshi,falco,lucario.
    Yeniths: Snake, shiek
    Dam: lucas, captian falcon
    Tails chao: G&W, falco, Marth
    Rooooy!: Sonic
    Almas: Rob
    Then me: TL, MK, ZSS, Diddy, Luigi, Gannon, Zelda, Kirby, Mario.

    And then some others who i dont know who they are or who they use but thats the main list.

    couldnt pm you dont have space
    ☆ Alright, I'll take your word for it. My CP is always Pokemon Stadium when we Brawl tomorrow. ☆
    Well, yeah. If you say something lolworthy, I'll jump on it the first chance I get. Just don't take it too seriously. :p
    Absolutely not. I'm pretty friendly. I thought you'd be fine with a little teasing, and I was hoping you'd reply back in a non-hostile way. Friends now? Cool.

    I'm sorry if I pissed you off. :mad:
    Nah. I have few real life problems, and I like picking fun at my friends. You're an easy target because you don't know what you're doing. No harm meant, but I do this to be friendly. I don't resort to personal insults, my good chum. I've actually had nothing to do, so I spend my free time here.
    I appreciate your pity, but I really don't need it. I have a great life, and come on here for fun. I'm really not that good because I don't take this game that seriously, I barely practice. Mostly just on here for friends, and to help other people learn their characters. I really wish you'd relent, and realize that you can't judge someone based on how you know them. I figured you were a cool guy, just pretty sensitive. Really, lighten up. I'd really hate to make such a forceful enemy like yourself.
    Congrats on beating me while I was sandbagging. ^^ I picked random for the sake of a fun game, and you happened to be a master with the c-stick. GG's, scrub.
    atheist...but words well spoken you are not the first to say so though and straked will never beat me mentally, i am strong
    i understand what you mean argueing over the net is pointless neither side can win.(and yet thats what im doing...) thats why straked feels he has power because no one can cause pain to him though a computer
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