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    Which franchises have you never played?

    Series where I have played every main game (Not including spinoffs) :ultmario::ultlink::ultsonic::ultbayonetta::ultduckhunt::ultness::ulticeclimbers::ultsnake: Series where I have played half or more of the main games :ultsamus::ultmarth::ultpit::ultfox::ultinkling::ultfalcon: Series where I...
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    Data Switch Friend Code Sharing and Matchmaking Thread

    Feel free to add me! I play :ultike::ultganondorf::ultincineroar::ultlink::ultlittlemac::ultroy::ultchrom::ultmarth::ultlucina::ultkrool::ultrichter: I prefer 1 v 1's on omega/battlefield/hazards off stages. Location is southern Ontario, Canada SW-4222-8780-9424
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    Did Ultimate change your main character?

    It sort of has. Marth has been one of my go to's since Melee, but I gotta say I just can't seem to get a good handle on Marth in Ultimate's engine. I used shield breaker and dancing blade a lot in Smash 4, but the way they both work in Ultimate feel very different, and I can't seem to use them...
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    What’s something you’re practicing right now?

    I'm practicing a number of things: - Trying to teach myself to roll less - Trying to get the timing down for perfect shielding (Most of the time when I pull it off, it's by accident) - Trying to adjust to Marth's changes to his jab, dancing blade and shield breaker
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    Your Main(s) for SSBU

    There are two types of characters that I prefer to use in Smash: Swordfighters, and Heavy hitters. My list of current and potential mains should reflect this. Main 1: :ultmarth:I always have a blast playing with Marth and he has been my primary go to guy since his introduction in Melee (not...
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    Rating the fan-requested characters: do you want them playable or not?

    B: Toad or Captain Toad B: Waluigi B: Paper Mario C: Ashley B: Dixie Kong C: Funky Kong S: Impa S: Skull Kid 2 B: Midna B: Ghirahim S: Bandana Dee B: Krystal C: Gengar A: Sceptile C: Gardevoir C: Zoroark A: Decidueye C: Lycanroc C: Mimikyu B: Ninten A: Black Shadow B: Samurai Goroh B: Lyn B...
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    Your most wanted non-character addition to the game

    Stadium mode. If that's considered cheating, then Stage Builder. It's a crime that all of these sweet, sweet Castlevania and Megaman remixes are tied to only one stage each.
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    Video Game Characters Most Deserving To Be In

    Since Smash Bros. is now considered a celebration of video games as a whole, I'll be picking popular gaming characters/franchises, along with some more retro classics. Obviously, not all of them would get in (Especially since there's a ton of characters with guns in this list. XD ) But I still...
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    Rank the 5 Smash (fighter) franchises you have spent the most time playing

    1. :ultlink: Legend of Zelda, easily. I have beaten every game in the main series and have 100%'d about three quarters of them. Top 5 would probably be Majora's Mask, Ocarina of Time, Breath of the Wild, Twilight Princess and Wind Waker. 2. :ultmario: Super Mario. Have beaten most of the main...
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    Favorite Anime Swordfighter in Smash Ultimate?

    Within Smash Bros: Marth, Ike, Link, Outside of Smash Bros: Link, Ike, Cloud
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    New Palutena's Guidance Discussion

    Definitely Snake. I want to see if David Hayter recorded actual new lines for Ultimate, and his guidance convo. is the best chance for this.
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    What's your most hated criticism against your main?

    :ultmarth: "Tippers are so cheap. Such a broken character" "Go back to Melee" "Ugh, Fire Emblem" "Another anime sword user" -Gets hate for Roy/Lucina/Chrom playing like him. :ultike: "Ike is so bad. He's garbage tier. Play someone better!" "Another anime sword user" "Ugh, Fire Emblem" "F-air...
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    Who I'm main for ultimate

    I made one of these in a previous thread, but that was before the November direct. So here's my updated list.
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    (PART 6) Choose 1 character in smash that fits each description the most: Main/ Secondary/ Pocket/ Funsies/ Never Touch

    This is going off of my Smash 4 stats: Main::ultmarth::ultike: (I pretty much use both of them equally) Secondaries: :ultlink: Pocket: :ultroy: Funsies: :ultganondorf: (Although he's my 3rd most played fighter according to my Smash 4 stats and am pretty good with him) Never Touch...
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    Possibilities for Free DLC?

    Given Shuntaro Furukawa's recent statements on how Nintendo wants to focus more on DLC and updates to sustain their flagship titles, I can definitely see Ultimate getting more DLC than Piranha Plant and the fighter pass; whether it'll be free or not though, is anyone's guess. I would love for...
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