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Van Jones
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  • check the pika boards. buffered dthrow CG's are now broken. i confirmed the 0-60 vs mk today on affinity. 20-110 on falco? 0-90 on ddd? 23-70 on snake? **** yeah. and there are more.
    :( i dont know if ill be able to watch hobo, what time does it start on saturday?

    i got a gig for 200$ this weekend to play at some kids camp, so now i can go to genesis
    actually im going to blinn right now next semester i should be transfering to Sam Houston but yeah ill check it out i havent been playing a lot cuz ive been busy and well been playing the xbox instead of the wii cuz of the games lol but oh well i just started playing again yesturday lol
    hey im new to this and its about time i found some players here in the BCS area mostly who i find are just kids idk why but jw maybe we can play sometime
    I am dude!!!

    I'm tired of all these *******s in San Angelo. I'm gonna live with you.
    Congrats on 17th. I take back what I said about TX.... :(

    (But Philly is still way better. ;))
    Soooo. I was watching TMZ today, and they were talking to Chris Rock's brother about some charge he recently went to jail for. I forget what he said, but the cameraguy goes, "Wow, Patron? You don't mess around, huh?" or something like that.... and his response was:

    "If you're gonna be a bear, be a grizzly."

    Made me think of you, lol.
    well i wanna know by thursday cause i want people to meet at U of H main campus by 430pm. cough up 6$ and u wont have to put the wear and tear on your car to go to buttmountain, i will drive
    Were you the one that was recording at Final Smash 5? You used Dazzle right?

    What program do you use to record videos?
    So any Smashing this weekend? I have two major tests coming up so all I want to do is chiiiiilllllllll this weekend b4 turkey day.
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