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Van Jones
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  • Haha sorry, people are bugging me about it :). I want duelists to spread, but correctly lol. People started posting pics of these horrible duelists stages and asking if they were right lol. It was scary.
    I've got like..the entire snake boards wanting to spread duelists everywhere, but they don't know what the stage looks like.

    Please please please get at least 1 video of the duelists played at Swat so I can show them. Thanks <3.
    Upload some of those duelist videos!!! There are no duelist vids online anywhere, and I want to be able to show people what I'm talking about lol.

    Even if it's just one video, we need a duelist vid online >_>.
    Yo tell Andy to pick me up from Waco. I'll do something like give everyone $5 who's in the carpool, plus give Andy extra gas money.

    I know they were low quality but will you ever be getting the rest of my set vs Gnes and my set vs Dphat online? :(
    Dude, I think there's a replay on your Wii of Ike vs Kirby on BF from SWAT. If you haven't already, don't get rid of it. Theeboredone is thinking about making a collective Ike video and I'd want the last kill for it.
    When are you guys leaving for LA next week? Hylian hasn't given me any finalized plans or anything, so I need a backup plan. I could drive to CS and ride with you guys if you have an open seat and he can't do it, etc.
    Yo wassup!. When you gonna be back to east coast? I will be in texas in like... 1 year so Ill hit you up then! lawl.

    When im 18 im can go on a trip anywhere I want to and I chose texas :)
    Dude, how are you getting from the airport to the hotel/venue? I'm going to get to Philly like... all the **** alone at midnight, and have to catch the train or something.

    Also, will you be uploading the HOBO 16 vids before APEX or not?
    Yeah man. I main MK now. CoT4 was pretty much my first time using him.

    I actually am bored with MK now though, so after Apex Falco will be my new main since he is fun and nobody plays him.
    Looking at the Yoshi matchup thread just reminded me:

    Don't forget to record those matches with Bwett, pleaaase. <3
    I know, but at 6am, there's no such thing as random anymore. Besides, you smiled when you saw it, don't deny it. <3

    sounds good

    you should post in the thread so everyone knows your gonna go and then there will be more hype
    k prime


    but your right

    you and me will rep the Pika
    I just need a lot of work and advice :(
    I've been trying.
    He just ***** with goggles.
    And I already play PT, Jiggz and some Lucario.

    I need my Pika up to par.
    Plus I think playing Pikachu and getting the feel for the character... it will help me with the matchup with Toon Link.
    This dog is black. His expression clearly states, "Oh no this nukka didn't just......"

    Last Friday we had a smashfest at Santi's,
    and I was using your tag cuz it made me feel legit.
    BEAH! i saved a jigs ditto on your wii, can you send it or upload it please :]!!!!!!!!!!!!
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