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  • Hey buddy how you been doing lately. :) So you getting better with Link buddy! :)
    hehe alright Unknown, I cannot play on weekdays though. So maybe Friday alright buddy? :)
    I dont actually own a wii and Im not borrowing one at the moment. As soon as I get ahold of one Ill let u know.
    Ha u main the linkzors too? Same here. But i also main Mario, Samus and DK. Nintendos icons ftw. Ill add you as soon asi get on again, do you have aim? we can communicate easier that way.
    I dont know, but we should just face eachother ASAP. Heres my fc:
    4038-7802-1961. Ill be on in a bit.
    Hows it going man, looks like its me and you in the first round of Reo's tourney. Message me back when you get this and ill give ya my FC.
    Hello, if you have received this message, you have entered for the Pro Brawl Tourney(s) November Tournament. Since we almost have about 64 competitors, the draw will come out on Friday. The rules are stated in the group "Pro Brawl Tourney(s)." So be prepared to play.
    Unknown, the ranking system of the Pro Brawl Tourney(s) group is out! =D
    I won't ruin the surprise to tell you what rank you are, but your rank might go 1 or 2 up or down, since the October tournament is not over, but your final rank will be pretty much around what it is now! =D
    yeah, less lag helps, but like I said, me going all out wont help if there is lag. In fact it just makes me play worse since I start missing all my timings. I just don't play competitively online. But if you just wanna do some friendlies and see if I can show you some tips or something while were playing I can prolly do that. My FC should be on my profile. And look for me in the chat room of this website: www.allisbrawl.com . That's where I usually am if I'm playing matches with other Link's for tips and stuff.
    yeah, I'm totally down, it's just in your first message it sounded like you were expecting something great. All I'm saying is me+lag=fail xD. So yeah, I'm just saying dont be too dissapointed when we play, cuz I've played pletnty of Links online that can't belive how utterly horrible I am on wifi.
    I actually don't practice online at all, so I'm really bad on wifi xD. We can still play sometime if you want, but I'm not sure it'll be worth your time.
    No problem buddy and good luck and him who's the best Link mainer! I know you can win buddy! :)
    Unknown! Go to the that social group and go to the members name and look for LinkSpecialist, that go to it and send him a message for the challenge ok buddy! And good luck! :)
    Yep that's Sora's Heartless form buddy. :) And you play Kingdom Hearts also buddy.
    Hey buddy what's up i'm your buddy also buddy. :) It just to many friends to remember.
    I understand buddy, I have asome tough times at home too. For now on i'll help you, Calab, Reo, and my girl Princess Zelda21 to train so we can all get better. Sound ok buddy. Smiles! :)
    Hey buddy amazing match earlier, and that first match, since my connection went off is that count too. If it is you've won the match because of my connection. And i'm sorry, you decide is it count or not it's up to you, i'm trying to be an honorable opponent buddy. Smiles! :)
    Alright, now don't let my second chance go in vein :)
    Go get him tiger! lol Good luck
    It will be fair we fight now! and the day is not over yet. Aw forget it let's go buddy! And I have to clean up right after, so let's go! Smiles!
    Wait talk to Reo first ok, because he did eliminate the people and let's ask him can we do the challenge ok buddy.
    Hey buddy i'll be back, i'm going to church right now. So i'll be back around 3:00 or 4:00 and I hope I come back sooner, so we can do our match buddy. Smiles! :)P.S If you be online before I do i'm letting you know I won't quit! And never quit! and let's make a good epic battle buddy! Smiles! :)
    Buddy where are you buddy, when are you ready to get this match started. :(
    Hey buddy I came back! just let me know you are ready ok, because time is running out buddy.
    Hey buddy i'll be right back, i'm about to go with my dad right quick ok buddy. :)
    Hey buddy i'm ready for the challenge now! Just let me know when you ready, if you need to do some training a little more i'll wait. Because i'm ready to GO!

    P.S. Let's make this the most epic battle to remember! Smiles! :)
    Well nothing new buddy, hey are you sure you all right be honest buddy.
    Yeah my training is ok, but I ran to a really good Zelda, ZSS, and Sonic though.
    Hey buddy how's your training so far, my is doing ok so far. And let me know when you ready ok, and if I got some plans on Friday, i'll let you know when we start the match ok, before I go anywhere on Friday. So let me know buddy. Smiles! :)
    Hey buddy just let me know when we wanna do a tourney challenge ok, and my connection act stupid sometimes and made me log offline about 10 minutes or longer. And I hope it won't effect our match buddy. :(
    Sorry, my wii was incapable of getting online, which is why I never responded to your messages or was able to play you in the tournament. At least you got a free win! lol well good luck to you in the tournament.
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