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  • pretty good

    I haven't played melee in a long time though

    but maybe we could play brawl some time
    Hey, you! Yes, you!

    Thunder of Zeus wants your opinion on something in the LBR, so go check it out and make us all happy.
    hi deva i want a match with you ive been main of Link since 64-melee-and now brawl and ive never find a Link that actually beat me, i think you are the one so i want see how well i don against you... im from mexico but ive played with people from us and i have no lag... so please add my msn citirino@hotmail.com and heres my 3909-7519-6662 but its better if you add my msn so we can talk about the match and the hour, etc... well, see you, take care... waiting your answer...
    the link community is moving to AiB, so please start posting there more. i'm seriously never posting in the SWF link boards again
    Remember back on Aura's topic when you said "now some hate me"...my post wasn't meant to be taken seriously xD
    Umm just a question out of curiosity...is the moderator Chip on these boards you're small brother Chip?
    Sorry noobish question xD
    You always think your Link is boring to watch. I'll clear it up for you xD. Your Link is fun to watch because of your amazing spacing game. However, it's also pretty boring to actually play that way (to me anyway, the AT spammer). It's still fun to watch though.

    In your new matches, I think the only slightly boring one was against ROB on BF when you were behind and bomb spammed. That got kinda dry. Other than that, your matches are pretty exhilarating.
    Oh yeah me too...everyone kinda does...it's that lagg that screws us up. Yeah whenever your not busy let me know. I'm not busy right now. :p
    Oh is ok...hopefully there wont be any lag at all...but lets try to go all out...if we can *smiles*...so what's ur fc?...u have mines so yeah XD
    I hear ur like the best Link user here...so i wanted to know if u would like to have a Link vs. Link battle...want to see how good u r n see how u play...u know learn from the best...these days the Link users that i know haven't been logging in lately so yeah...-_-....let me know when ur available ok *smiles*...

    FC: 2878-9296-4483
    Hi my name is Yoh 1 and I just join smashboard a few days ago and i`m a main Link and Ike. And i`m just wanted to let you know that can we play online sometime so do you want to challenge me and DK2 is my friend. just PM me back when you ready alright.
    Hey this is going to be interesting a Link mainer. Hey buddy let's play Brawl sometime! And my name is DK2 nice to meet you buddy.

    friend code 1805-4015-6048
    haha whats up. its kaos the mewtwo guy lol. why havent u been goin to gc and stuff?
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