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  • Hey buddy your my opponent, I can't wait for this battle to start! Hey let's make this the most epic battle to remember buddy and good luck! :) Smiles
    the wii stunk yesterday,,, i kept getting an error message 86420,,, **** that error message :( sad face
    Well check the draw buddy :p
    According to the draw, you're facing DK2, and the deadline for it is next Sunday.
    my brawl code is: 1290-1098-3525
    whats yours? ... my sn is Crusnikk02, so aim me if im on... i will be online tonight from ten 45ish to 12ish
    I see maybe your opponent might be busy or something, that might come buddy. And to me your a tough opponent to beat, and I hope you make it to the next round buddy. Smiles :)
    haha....ummm you should just go to my about me Section which is the tab located above this message box hehe...but its......2492-4170-8635
    Alright Cool....I got you in already...just let me know when you ready pimpin....
    Hey Man...I wanna Brawl you some time so enter my FC into your List when you get the Chance alright...Oh and I use to live in Milford, CT hehe(totally off topic)
    Hello, getting this message means you have signed up for the tournament. Since we now have 64 people, the tournament will start as of today. Keep checking the social group "Pro Brawl Tourney(s)," for a draw will soon be posted on it. Once you know your opponent, arrange a time to play with him/her, and give me the results at the end of the match. Check the rules if you don't remember.

    P.S. (very important) Make sure you tell me the score of your win or loss for example, 3-0, 3-2, etc
    I'll be sure to add you, I usually work from 3:00PM to 11:00PM, so that's bad timing on my part :laugh: If you'd like to face me anytime outside that I'm fine with it. Also I'm free this Friday so maybe you'd like to face me then. I'm alright with any time you have in mind.
    Hey buddy that was a great match tonight, man you made me have to give it my all tonight great job buddy. And I can't believe you beat my Zelda, great job.
    Alright i'll see you there, but I have to stop at 9:00 because we have family prayer.
    Hey buddy I just made it back home, and we can play if you want too. I'll hook up the wii right quick than we get started ok. :)
    Hey buddy i'm about to go, about a few minutes, as soon as I get back i'll challenge you ok. smiles :)
    Yeah i'm ready now I was doing something too just taking out the trash, and I thought I kept you waiting.
    Hey buddy great match today but my controls is messing me up. i'm sorry.
    whew! that was some good stuff! I really enjoyed those matches, I was having a difficult time getting past your spacing, especially at the end, so you seemed to have gotten a lot better at not only your close combat, but you're using bombs and arrows more wisely also. Keep up the good work!
    Hey sorry i'm late I was at my sisters house earlier. I just maid it back, just let me know when you ready. Smiles. :)
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