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  • It's an honor for me to be able to assist a fellow swordsman. (Flips sword between fingers 2 times, sheathes, and takes a knee.)
    It'll help alright...thx for another advice...i have a lot to learn seing that video...just wow....i really have a long way to go...compared to ppl like them n u...glad to have a swordsman as a friend of advice to a newby...*smiles* thx again...
    Advice Part 2: (lol)

    I've always heard how emphasized form was in swordsmanship. I learned why today. Practicing with the Greatsword again, I made a wide swing to the left, once again, to the right, spin, another right and lost my footing causing my back to bend in quite an uncomfortable position. Thus, I realized that form is important, in my case, footing. You probably want to make sure you have firm footing in the ground--someone should be able to knock you full force with a blade and you shouldn't tip over. Plant your feet firmly, and rehearse your steps as if you were learning to dance.
    Here is a video I like to reference to for form.
    Haidong Gumdo Vid
    Form includes everything from your posture to how you swing the blade.

    Much like knowing the character you main in Brawl, it's also necessary to know your sword. Sometimes for a day of training, I just meditate with it to get the feel. (Not to sound spooky, hah)

    Once again, hope this helps.
    Wow...thx for the tips Gigas...gotta try them out tomorrow when i have time...

    N Fading don't make fun of the wall just bcause u don't have one *smiles*...
    Let's see.... I presume you plan on wielding the Katana. When cutting with the blade, you want to do so in the same fashion as cutting steak. You don't necessairly just press your knife down on the steak, you add back and forth motion to sever the meat. Do the same with your Katana. As you strike your foe, or whatever, try to slide the blade across them/it. If you try to hack with it.... That won't work quite so well. Hacking is more for heavier swords. With a Katana, you need to slice.

    Watch how you grip your sword. If your knuckles are turning white, you need to loosen up. I am capable of swinging my Bokken with only the index finger and thumb (though I don't recommend it). If you're too stiff, you won't be able to swing your blade as fluently. Have a firm grip, just don't choke it.
    ^ Above paragraph assuming you use one hand.

    Cool technique I learned recently: Swing blade diaganolly downwards, flip mid-way, and continue the downwards swing. 2 cuts in one swing. My apologies but it's difficult to demonstrate through text.

    Alright, I'mma save some for another time, hope this helps.
    I just did...wow 20 pounds...nice...i have lost...idk...i don't the weight thingy...*smiles*...i know i lost weight though...
    I've lost 20 pounds. lol It's not really a war between Heartz and Devil lol but they're doing the same old same old. Maybe they're just rivals. Have you posted in the gym yet Unknown?
    Hi Unknown. No, that's my father's brother's Nephew's Cousin's Former Roommate.

    Of course it's me. :p hehe
    LOL...well anything Gigas...like give me advice to do stricks...or tell me some moves that u know...idk for know...*smiles*

    N why is Devil at war with Heartz? may i ask Fading...n im going to loose weight too...
    Alright, you'll have to specify what it is exactly you'd like advice about so I can better help you. lol Otherwise I'd end up writing a wall of text the size of a huge essay.
    Okay I guess. I've had better days. Just trying to loose more weight.
    You're part of the "Gym" now right? lol Devil's at war with Heartz I swear. lol
    Yeah im still in training...but not much like i use to seens my grandmam is around...gotta keep her company...*smiles* love my grandmam...lol...i would like some advice actually...
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