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  • Good idea.

    How do you change the title under your name? Personally I'm quite fond of Assault Through.
    if i was an upstanding gentleman id plan an intervention for him

    but lolis float his boat so its okay obv

    he seems to like girls that "eat" things as evidenced by his haruhi avatars <_<
    That would be great! I remember recording matches with Seibirik, and I think GDX. Lol, I know there are other people, too. My matches should be the ones with Sheik and Falco vs. whoever.

    Good luck with school :).
    Dang, that sucks about the Monthly, I was hoping to go if you were there, but seeing as you're not, I'm just going to forget about it, and I'll search it, I want the cheap five dollar one that you have. Just hit me up on here, seeing as I have one class now due to some BS with the school registering me incorrectly and my Financial Aid not being put into place until later, but that is another topic all together, anyway, just message me back when you get the chance, pce!
    Hey man, what's going on? I know we haven't spoken in some time since that last encounter, but I was wondering if you were going to the monthly this month, and could you send me the link for the screw driver for the GC, I am still interested in it.
    Actually, I just realized I had saved your nagato theme on my other computer.

    Link me to the avy and sig. I'll love you twice as hard.
    Oh ****, I didn't even realize that.

    Oh, and I've been away all morning, cut me some slack.
    RIP Espeon theme. You'll be missed until my love changes their shiz again.
    are u going to speak on cross ups in ur mixup thread. i think you can have a good discussion out of that. Such as which characters would crossing up be more viable, how can we punish certain moves in that scenario. using DDP and true pivot to accentuate sonics crossups. i really believe that is a portion of sonics game that needs to be focused on. Sonic is so fast and with true pivot and DDP you can run past many moves opening frames, gaining an instant advantage. Adding to fact we can SD during those dashes or SDSC (SD which gives up a few invincibility frames on release) i think a sonic can do well if he understands his options in this particular scenario.
    ♪ Oh I don't go to the campus, I take the online classes. I can't go around Lubbock area because it's way too far from Houston unless my job moves around there. Sorry. D: †
    why are you...you? i can honestly see you with a bunch of cosplay girls...booooo.

    ya if it weren't for the fact that ryoko is misunderstood and has a cool edition, i'd have marth getting creamed...

    On NetBattle, before 4th gen., the main and most popular server was BlueHeaven. Basically everyone hung out there, including the Pokemon NB programmers themselves.

    When in downtime it'd be replaced by "RedHeaven," although this was rather uncommon.

    I think nowadays Smogon is the main server.
    SuSa knows. Stop taking my asian girls and posting them. Or else i'll keel you,
    Can you help me with some specifics about Virtual Dub? I just want to know what are the best settings for the best quality after compression.

    All I do with VDub is compress the video with that DivX setting or whatever.
    Don't know too much about this video stuff, so I'm a bit lost on it.
    Hey Umby I downloaded virtualdub and need help when I try to compress something. What should I compress to?
    Lol, sure. I won't be on the computer passed 12:00 so if you want to play, one of us will need to have a room open so I know you're ready to play. And I'll be checking frequently to see if you have a room ready so you won't have to wait too long or anything.
    Yeah, check the Waba forum, i responded to you on there, i didn't think that you were still online
    Dang, that's unfortunate, alrighty then, i'll keep it saved in my contacts in my notes
    Hey, it's me, if you aren't busy at all this week, hit me up with a message so we can set something up, i think i have a potential place we can play at if neither of our houses are available
    Man, ur Sonic scared the hell out of me. never fought one on that kinda level. Thanx for the experience and maybe next time you can use ur Marth against me so I can get some exp. on him as well.

    But **** man, wat a fast/manipulative Sonic, lol.
    Alright then, i haven't played in at least a month and the whole GENESIS thing has me wanting to play again, i should have posted that i had the house to myself last Wednesday because i have three TV here, but no Wii or game, just controllers (2). Just let me know when you doing your next move, i'm getting tired of playing Suck Fighter 4 online, so that's why i'm anxious to play
    OK, well when is that dude supposed to be coming to your house to play, because if it's some time next week, i think i could possibly get a friend to join me?
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