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  • Hello, thanks for accepting my friend request. Love your avatar. Ed, Edd, N' Eddy is the best show EVER! I love chickens, Eddy!
    Seen any ed shows lately? I saw the one where they go in a rocket car XD hilarious. Seen jeniffers body *shudders*
    I'll be changing it back, :mad: is just a common joke between a few regulars of the site.
    Old girlfriend wanted me to join a virtual pets site and made an account entitled "Straked".

    :mad: because it's cool.

    lol same old same old. Saw district 9 today at three AM though. Best movie evah
    Ed my second main man how goes it? Give kevin what he deserves yet? Lol but srsly how goes your life?
    That last match I had accidentally killed myself right off the bat, so I maybe that's why you thought that...even i though it's basically the opposite, lol

    I need to figure out how to record my 3-minute+ matches, so that I can some critique on my Sonic. Anything to get better at him.
    Good games we had. I never realized how long Lucario's Up-Smash stays out -_- I kept running into the last part of hitbox every time. Lucario's always safe with every attack he does, thanks to his range and long lasting hitboxes XD
    Sure, I was about to play brawl anyway. I probably suck now since I haven't been playing it lately lol
    *Chewing the grease from Papa's foot soakings*

    Well, I'm back, so maybe we can do this? In advance though, my internet has been very crappy recently, so we may get a lot of lag, if not disconnected.
    Well, I have college coming up in an hour, so that needs to be done first. Rolf shall be back from the primary education establishment say....4 hours from now? Is that understandable for the son of a Shepard?
    Hey, are you available to Brawl right now, by any chance? I want to see if I'm good enough to roll with the other Sonic mains here XD
    ... what? I thought we were past that stage of the game where people complained about Pikachu.

    That ain't 64, no juans.
    Truthfully, he doesn't. Sonic will always be better in Brawl. Should be 65:35 in Sonic's favor, imo.

    Dedede has an infinite on Mario, and doesn't die until about 180%.

    He can kill us at around 100, maybe 120 if he's lazy. But with an infinite, that's no problem.

    EVERY character needs to be nerfed for Mario to win.
    Good players, tournament results, Dedede being banned, other characters being nerfed, a holocaust, an all Mario tournament, bribery.
    Mario is a bad character + bad tournament results.

    There might be 4 tournament Marios.
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