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  • 1730 Rogers Ave SW. I can give you his number since he doesn't have a wii.

    404 702 5546

    He knows how to get to college park easily.
    Yo! Deo lives in fulton county fairly close to you. You two can probably play smash since he's been wanting to play for a while.
    Use Sonic versus MK.

    They think they can dtilt but they're wrong...maybe

    Because Marth vs MK is pretty much a hard counter even though the numbers don't say it (Marth mains are elitist, what else is new).

    Also in the PS2 port there's almost 0 reason to go with Kratos since Zelos got better in everyway.

    Kratos is just delicio...

    well gl playing Marth. <_______<

    I hope you mean pink.

    I also hope you gave he two Rabbit's Feet and Personal EX Skill so you can gather many Hourglasses from the female cast.
    Why of course.

    And the requisite of having these glasses has other benefits too.


    it seems you have officially picked up another blue character. This is annoying.
    I appreciate the advice, i'll keep that in mind, you may see me at the Waba qualifier Friday with a friend, a big dude named Philip, lol
    Alright, i'll ask him, although i don't even know him about the Waba training thing on Friday, and i'll see about ICIV, i'm really trying to get into competetive Brawl now, i can't stall anymore
    When is ICIV? I'm interesting in going, and to the Smashfest? I'd need a ride up there though
    Yup. So we should team for SEB :).

    If you are going to Waba this weekend and need a partner, we should try team and see how well we do.
    Umby... tell me about this Mickey69. I've played him online. Are you telling me no one could IRL handle his spring/dair loving sonic?
    what day is it on :/

    Subway has enslaved me from 11am - 10pm on saturday.

    it makes me want to die.
    . . .


    we had some of the funniest comments in our matches though.

    Kirby v Sonic on battlefield:
    d- "Back air fight??"
    t- "ehhh no thanks"

    and one time, I did a reverse stutterstep, went forward and behind him and he started charging a F-smash in the wrong direction and got hit from behind and he yelled "I JUST GOT MELEE'D!!"

    I only won because he doesn't know how to fight Sonic, I think lol.
    well, IMO he was the best player there X.x

    I was in danger of getting knocked out of the tourney when I played him.

    first round, he almost 3stocked me on Battlefield, but I made some kind of miraculous comeback win. He was the only person I played who forced me to counterpick a stage (aka, made me lose `.`; )

    He was also the only other person aside from the final match to take me to last stock >_>; (lol, and that was only because I gambled the round to take the guy to U-throw death % on the final round of the tourney)

    Other than that though, he was pretty fun to watch lol.
    yeyyy i met tong today.

    they has'd a barlw tourney at the student center.

    scared me D:
    Hello there... Teh Umby

    nice avatar you have on this page
    how are you and what you been up to???
    one day if you are up for it would you like to vs??

    well what's you're fav person from shaguna no shana??

    well take care c- ya bye


    She DID say she would go on a date with anyone... as any anime character... and I..


    she was also a hooker.
    I Live In Covington Georgia Im New Here And Im A Really Good Brawl Player Im Looking To Play Any In The Area And I Looking To Join A Team I Lived In Buffalo New York And I Was One Of The Best Work Just Stopped Me From Going To Tourneys So Please Anyone Hit Me Up And Let Me Know Something
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