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  • Definitely, I'm still learning. Just trying to save up for some runes and get some practice so I can hold my own.

    And will do!
    my man without fear download was borkened :(

    and so were the two I found on my own afterward I'm HELPLESS AS A BUMBLEBEE
    I'm now in charge of awarding the postbits for my project, expect them soon. Clearing up the backlog right now.
    Hey, I'm still bugging the admin in charge of awarding the postbits. There's kind of a backlog atm...:urg:
    Soon, I just sent the PM out this morning to the admin in charge of postbits/awards.
    k I'll add you later tonight. Sounds cool, how you enjoying the program? Lots of hard but rewarding work, no? I was just glad to graduate from my 3 year Marketing program back in April. I'm still looking for employment...:c
    We should keep in touch, you on AIM often? I also have Skype if you use that.

    Where do you go to school again? And for what?
    Tom, how you been lately dude? I'm playing 999 right now on the DS, such a great game!
    Sup bruh. So I decided to come on your profile to see what you've been up to as well and saw that you're cutting back on Smashboards (which I figured and understand anyways). Got an email or something to keep in touch with?
    Well that's a shame and I'll miss you, you obviously have your reasons though. Thanks that's sweet, and I'm not that much of a troll. :(

    I don't think.

    You have your moments too you know. :D

    Good luck to you too.

    First of all Mr. Negative totally kicks Hood's *** gloriously, damn. Dodgin' bullets and cutting them in half and ****. I had no idea he'd have abilities like that. So ballin'.

    Also that TWIST. Holy ****. First you think he's this semi-cliche triumphant rags to riches warrior with a dark side, but really he was always an evil **** and actually became a better person. Did not expect... at all. Though I'm wondering why he cares about Yana at all then but that's probably in the rest of that Mr. Negative book.

    dark spidey was wow. All the inner demons brought there make sense as a possible interpretation even though peter would never think those things. The way he snapped out of it was well-written too, I really liked it.

    Normie is still good old Normie. It's really cool to see his situation TOTALLY upheaved from the comics I read back in my day but it all completely fits his character and he still talks to the Green Goblin and everything I love it.

    also oh man. I love that the ASM writers have just decided to write Spot well in the last few years, it makes me so happy. It was really cool reading Dark Reign too knowing he's a mole, because it looks like he's useless when really the reason he's lurking around and sandbagging the fights is because he's not trying to win them. Then when the Answer tells him what to do with negative's loyal subjects Spot owns them all in a second. And of course, Spidey. Spot just lurks around in the background and never attacks and lets spidey hit him so that he can go through to wail on the others. It's really subtle but also really really cool.

    Okay so pandora's box. Let's take it slow.

    You guessed I'd wanna know where spot goes after this and I do. Is there more of the Neg and Spot vs Silvermane and the Maggias stuff? Or... yeah where does spot go next.

    Also I don't actually remember seeing Norman bossing around the President. Did I miss somethin'? I just saw him at the United Nations then he was fightin' Hammerhead.

    can you text Eor and tell him I want to talk to him on AIM right now pretty please
    oh my god mr negative is so badass

    spidey got owned

    also it's really cool reading this knowing Spot's a mole because you can see it in some parts

    Also did I mention Mr Negative is ****ing boss
    yeah I searched for it.

    Heh you got me all psyched up but I saw that when it first came out. Scavie the dragon linked it to me.

    I hope you got what you wanted btw :cool:
    Google is failing me (what?!), so please educate me. Sausage Mahoney? A person? A medical condition? I'm uncertain.
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