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  • well that's perfect then!
    i don't plan to have the setup only make sense to competitive players, but it will probably make MORE sense to them. If peoples' picks allow, I may base their abilities off the pokemons in-game abilities or moves etc.
    ok. I want to bounce some ideas for potential roles off of you, before making an actual setup. How familiar are you with pokemon? Have you played the games past like, 1st/2nd gen? xD
    Haha thank you very much Tom. I hope the read is an interesting one for ya and yeah, heres to a good game.
    what is that?

    I noticed that I have both "Arkham Asylum" and "Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth" on the quEuE. Are those actually the same book, or different 'uns?

    Also holy ****. I wasn't having any trouble knowing what was going on, but once the "game" begins it's like nonstop David Lynch incomprehensibility. I'm loving it but I hope he's been hit by fear toxin or something because I really have no idea what is happening a lot of the time despite looking at the panels and generally being able to decipher what is happening in them hahaha

    Such an amazing comic though. Amadeus Arkham's stuff is some of the best-written **** I've ever seen in a comic.
    so I'm gonna be hosting a Upick pokemon mafia after a few spots in the queue, and Sold wants to join it so I would need to send my setup to someone else :3

    so if you wanted to, I'll contact you about approving it when the setup is made!
    Is that so?

    Well, i have no clue where I could recommend you go to start that.

    I've been more active in the last few months than I have been the five years I been here. But, when I think about it, I've almost been exclusively posting in the Disco Room. :/
    oh alright. i finally came back and wondered where everyone disappeared too. talking to mentos now about good times, hah.
    Man you should really exist. I feel like you'd love talking to me about Ba'man as I read it :(

    Read so far: Year One, The Man Who Laughs, Prey, like 30% of The Long Halloween, baman special 1

    verdict: ballin as ****
    oh god oh man oh god oh man oh GOD OH MAN OH GOD, OH MAN!

    batman year one is so good.

    I couldn't even be prepared for how perfect it was.
    But I already filled my prescription!!

    Also, man. I opened up Batman Special #1 and meant to just take a peek and make sure it was the right comic. I ended up reading 18 pages.

    There's too much expository dialogue and the themes are a bit blunt, but I'm still loving it. The Wrath is too good, they're doin' his character really well so far. Especially given the fact that the 80s was an era associated with hella cheese hahaha. (Probably not in comics, though, I mean what the hell do I know, but you get me)
    I'm going to be strangely sad when I cease to be the most knowledgeable (knowledgable?) Batfan in the world that hasn't read a single Batman comic and just become another big Batman fan though hahaha.

    I feel like I should compete on a game show with other people like me first or something.
    Noted. I guess I'll look at it as a prequel since it conflicts with canon anyway and just get into Confidential when I'm done all the other good **** :)

    I'll probably still read the wrath arc... maybe after Year One.

    Anyways, thanks as always tommo. I'm so stoked.
    jungle used his azn powers to help me find all the comics with The Wrath in them. I had to download all of Batman Confidential to get the Wrath arc from it though. Is it worth reading or should I just read the handful I'm interested in?

    Also where should I put 'em in my bat-timeline. I assume really early.
    Haze bomb recipe in Haven's Bazaar recipe vendor shop today (Monday). If you can't find it I'll get it from there for you tomorrow.
    uhhhhhhh it's like

    second page of LoD near the top

    OP is beast-long now, gotta collapse some ****, but the comics section is nice and short :)
    So yo bro tommo.

    People recommended me a buncha batman graphic novels in the quEuE. You should look at them and give me an order to read them in, so it'll kinda feel like I'm reading a canon or something gnomesayin?

    Also feel free to recommend even more and also put that on the bat-timeline :b:

    I'm getting so stoked for TDKR and your post reminded me
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