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  • That's... that's... whoa. Really? That's, damn.

    I figured you'd at least read volume 1 since it was out and that it would be good. Now I'm trying to imagine Batman informing people that they are tearing him apart.
    Just to show you how totally serious I am, I'm downloading Black Mirror literally right now.

    Also, just so you know, nails are like candy to robots. And we'll all eat licorice instead of tires.

    Well, maybe YOU won't.
    I'll do that first :)

    (But I'd really like Odyssey too just because it's on my bat-queue and stuff. At this point I am fully convinced I'll read absolutely anything with Batman in it that's not like, erotica)
    hey bro I'm having a lot of trouble finding a DL of Batman: Odyssey

    apparently it got split into two volumes, the one you presumably recommended before and one that just came out recently. Everytime I do a search I can find ONLY volume 2, which is pretty much the dumbest thing.

    So yeah a hookup would be dope, and maybe War Games too maybe
    I meant anything really. Shows, movies, comics, anything. Anything with lots of nature, wandering heroes and antiheroes, really evocative atmosphere. Martial arts. Meditation. Cool wistful eastern kinda music with like, pan flutes and ****. I'm sure you know the style haha, sadly I don't think it has like a genre name per se
    so after putting it off for a while I got back into reading comics now that I'm done finals! I left off near the start of KnightsEnd. It's funny that I asked you for cool spiritual ninja/samurai kinda stuff a while back, since that's literally exactly the kind of **** Bruce is doing right now! Good timing. Did you ever think of more stuff along that vein btw? you said you wanted to think on it

    and if you could pm me a link to a COMPLETELY LEGAL PURCHASING DOWNLOAD for that arc you mentioned that would be super ballin.

    Sounds awesome.

    What's it about? No spoilers really, just wondering about the premise. Last year would mean it's after Bruce died wouldn't it?
    what arc is that? I'm near the start of KnightsEnd still, I had to put them down when this semester started because the workload has been buttridiculous
    so word on the street is youre joining the air force. dunno how serious you are about this but feel free to hit me up if youre curious about military stuff or are ever stationed in japan (where i am)
    Hey Thornas, remember that super duper Bruce Timm/Paul Dini master document for Batman: TAS? Would you mind linking me again to the pdf? I'm working on an illustration project for school that requires us to draw self-portraits in the styles of other artists and that manuscript contains all the Timm sketches I need to learn his style from. Hook a brOther up mang!
    Hey Tom, so I picked up 'duder' from your lingo some time ago. It then flowed through me into my personal group of friends. Every time I hear them say it, I just think, "they have no idea where I got it, or how cool a duder I got it from."

    Thanks for being swell

    Also, what an awesome EE post. I totally agree with him. Your timeline is your timeline. Wikipedia may have one, but Batman as you see it is your timeline. It really speaks volumes for the fan who's so invested in the fiction he loves that he can formulate a timeline for what has been around since 1939. Granted, the Batman of yore may not be includededed in the timeline, we all know your devotion to the series and your mastery of the lore. Your timeline is as legitimate as anyone's.

    Get on aim soon!
    btw I just wanted to know that you are not an idiot and your Batman timeline is/was not dumb. You didn't just copy and paste a thing from wikipedia, you put a ton of thought into how to order the stories and which ones to select to ease me into comics and their many conceits you have to accept to enjoy them. I like comics now and can get past their little storytelling conceits without batting an eye and that is only because of you!

    I mean it was never enough that I love Batman. It had everything to do with the stories you picked for me. Like The Long Halloween, which is a masterpiece and cemented Harvey Dent as one of my favorite characters in anything. Or The Mad Monk, which was so well-written and a perfect way to ease me into the idea of seeing Batman fight supernatural ****, which of course led to my being able to appreciate The Cult and the mystery of whether the cult leader really was immortal or not without thinking it was silly or anything. I'm a real Batman fan now and it never would've worked out without your help. Hell, you even gave me enough of the lore that by the time I got to Knightfall I actually knew enough about Batman to really appreciate the impact when Bane broke his back and threw him down in the city's square.

    Like I said liking Batman wasn't enough. I love Shadow Man too but when I read the comic books they were batting like .500 and the Garth Ennis run of volume 2 was the only one I consistently liked. For the most part they just reminded me of what I don't like about comic books. But now I don't even give a quarter of a **** about all those things that annoyed me for the most part.

    So yeah. Thanks. The timeline was definitely worth it. And I would still love the Superman timeline if you were close to finishing it :)
    ...........actually, I work in Duane Reade (a convience store only in NYC) and then I thought about doing a 'Duane Reade' Mafia. But then I thought no one would know what that is. So then I remembered Walgreens bought my company and said 'hey, maybe I should Make a Walgreens Mafia!' and so I did. So...to answer your question, KINDA yes...

    and also, I couldn't come up with anything else at the time. it was too small to be a sleepover, most of my favorite video games have been already done, and I didn't want to put in another Decisive Games Mafia cause of the type of people I got.

    also, you're in the opening flavor. :3

    This was a last minute idea. It was going to be another Decisive Games Mafia, but the people I wanted in the game wasn't available, so I decided to change up the flavor idea in the last minute.

    Let's see if I can make the game amazing with flavors XD
    I just learned Kristen Bell's favorite animal is the sloth.

    The first thing I thought was that crosses you off the list of people I need to compete against.
    Hi Tom.

    If your avatar you in cartoon form? :o
    I tried to find that "oh gosh" face picture, but instead I just found a lot of questionable images.

    But, oh gosh.
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