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  • The housing was amazing. So were the nachos. You're amazing. Made this tournament SO FUN <3
    A sexy brown boy ... with a toaster ... haha that's pretty hard to imagine :D i'll check it out once we get to pound
    Naw just the people i see alot on here, gotta get me some names before i show up there :D
    I'm interested in looking at your camera in consideration of purchasing it. Can you bring it by to Waba?
    hahaha, yea, it's so awesome. I never noticed it was Ninga with a 'g' until I went hunting for this avatar.
    When's the next SoVa tourney? I know we haven't officially met but I heard through the grapevine that you're the coolest MF on SWF (I used to play with Karn allllll the time). Lol, but yeah you're seriously one of the closest smasher to me since I'm on the Outer Banks now and I was just wondering what might be coming up!
    Toasty-toast, you should drop the Shell and start a Sex Advice for Men magazine. You've got the experience. Or at least, that's what your post says about you.;)
    Great to hear how easy the adjustment was man.

    Yeah dude, I miss you too. It's been since Jubilee hasn't it? Dang.
    You're gonna be at HERB 2 right? Can't wait to see you and lots of **** GA bros there!
    I'm 15, and my parents are in poor economic standing right now.

    Unless I got a job like, the month I turned 16, it can't happen (that is, unless I surpass Taj and Forward miraculously and start winning tourneys)


    Take your time. Nobody's gunna get bent over it. Or atleast I wont. I know how vids go. (Hell, I had my vcr there and didnt get it out cause I never feel like f**kin with them when I get home)
    phone: (770) 595-4432
    aim: zigguratii

    And I live in Woodstock, GA if you want to check distances and such.
    Dear Toasty,

    log on aim some time please

    Signed, Zom~B

    Or give me a day you'll beable to make something and I'll make sure something happens :p
    Yuo've probably heard of it. It's vector/cutco (Its cutlery). Im an Independent sales rep and if I sell enough I can make 50%. . . NO TAXES TAKEN OUT. Also you can write off anytime you do an appt or sell on your taxes as well as anything you buy for the job. As well as phone bills (assuming you go over minutes). And if I get promoted to am, I can make 1-2% of the WHOLE office's sales for the week.(Theres at least 100 reps that are gonna be there in the summer and avg for week is $40000 - $50000 )
    Someone made $13000 in one week and no thats not a typo. And another paid off their WHOLE college debt by the time he was out of grad school through this company.)

    So basically, I sell knives. Haha

    But yes having good pay is great. Knowing that you'll be one of the few college students who aren't broke is sooo cool lol.
    Oh well I'm not completly sure im going either. I mean I'm definitely going to have enough money because of my new job, but also I might be promoted to asst. manager at my new job. . . THAT WEEK. So I would have to talk to them. But If I do go and sell even 1 thing, I can write the WHOLE trip off on my taxes. I love this **** lol.
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