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  • Hark! It seems my exercising isn't doing too good, yet not too bad either. My body's just moving at a much slower pace than I'd wish for. I haven't lost any weight for a long time, yet there's a good side. My chest is defining more as pecs, and less like manboobs, and after increasing the amount of crunches I've been doing, I actually have a verticle indentation forming on my upper stomach. Woah! I've never worked my abs like that before! It's just a small indentation, but it's there! Hahah. Now it's actually believeable by looking at me when I tell people I practice swordsmanship. Also, I don't wake up with as much back pain anymore as I used to.

    Speaking of which, you mentioned somewhere you (used to) practice Martial Arts? Bo Staff? This is sort of why whenever I asked for workout suggestions I excluded the use of equipment. The only muscles I want to build are the ones I use in my sword practice, and that does the job well. I don't want to build any excess muscle that I otherwise wouldn't use as much. (Aside from the fact I just plain can't afford the equipment. xD) Plus, I highly doubt the Samurai used a Bowflex. ...Maybe a Bambooflex though.
    I dont live on campus, I really dont have an excuse.. I just travel alot at night and taco bell is the only thing open -_-
    filmed a movie for my class last weekend, so needless to say I didn't get anything done... trying to go more cardio based now that i've got some muscle.

    Still have such poor eating habits, I feel like all im doing is running on a hamster wheel.
    Hey man. Uh, I need to start hitting the gym like I was last year. I've been doing stuff just around the house, pushups, sit ups, etc. but I think the machines would be more helpful. So yeah, I'll try to make it there pretty soon.
    Hey man, I'm working. Finally recovered from shin splints >_<
    So yeah, I'm still goin strong.
    Hey dude, I'm doing alright. I haven't done much strength training with free weights/machines recently but I practice WTF Taekwondo 3 days a week for 2.5 hours a day, so hopefully that sort of makes up for it. Unfortunately I was injured at a TKD tournament yesterday so I won't be doing anything intense for some time.
    thanks lol. I work out on average 3-4 times a week. My original plan was to do some swimming, but the swimming pool has weird hours. Next semester though I have access to one that has better availability.

    I've kept up my ab workouts. I'm starting to see some results. I really need to work out more often but I don't really have the time.
    Hey! I'm starting to pick them back up after a few weeks of missing some workouts. I was really busy lately so I've only had time for daily stretches but now I'm starting the whole work outs again. I'm trying to focus heavily on abs but I don't know what to do?
    Just opinions of mine (about your OP):

    -Alot of the text is over sized. Bigger (and bolder) text is for adding emphasis on something, not the entire thread. Titles are usually font 2-4, while normal text of sentences should be size 1 and DEFINATELY no higher than 2.
    -The rows of smiley faces just add clutter and dont serve a purpose.
    -Overuse of colors. I counted 8 colors. 2 is fine, but 3 can be acceptable to the eyes.
    -Mission Statement and conclusion dont need to be centered.

    I think that could be a starting point. Just an opinion though, do what you like xD
    We only had one practice over the course of this week, but I had fun. For some reason, I was just really optimistic through it, which isn't usual for me. :D
    Well thanks! :p Umm, basketball started at my school this week, and I'm making an oath to go 100% on everything.
    hey my workouts are coming along ok so far. I've been sick a lot lately but appearently I just need more water + gatorade and I should be fine on that, so I'm gonna try to go to the gym more regularly than I have the past 2 weeks. I've been gaining a lot of muscle weight though and lost some fat so that's good. That video you linked in the thread helped out too. Thanks for that!
    come watch a movieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Hey Tiger! <3 I'm doing great! I don't think I'm gaining many more kilos like I used to, but my appearance is a lot better now since I've been workng out a lot more frequently! I'm still gearing up for Christmas before and afters, aiiiighttttt :grin:

    I'll post up in the Gym thread soon, so peace out!
    Give me a week and a half. I have been extremely busy lately, and I have missed almost all of my work outs. But, I will start doing my ab work outs again today. They aren't completely gone. But, they aren't all there.

    but, will do.
    Oh, hey! I'm surprised you remembered me. :)

    Yeah, those bicycle kicks are really good. It's really helped.
    Haha maybe. >.> How'd you get in? Did you just ask or did you send in the picture too? I figure that what makes me the most nervous. The whole "your picture will be reviewed by a pannel of judges." :p
    Wow you're a part of the Sexy Smashers group? I've always wanted to join but have always been too nervous to for some reason. >.>
    Haha, yes! If I ever join the X-men, I have the perfect name.

    Hmm, I'll see what I can do. There are a couple music social groups, if I recall.
    If I remember correctly, I was doing a project on the elements for a chemistry class. This was way back in high school. Anyway, I needed a username for something, and that was the first thing that came to mind. However, "lithium" was taken, so I altered the spelling a bit. It's just stuck around ever since.
    Alright I'll do it. Do any of you guys know production? If not, I have a several hundred dollar production program and can EQ all of the tracks, and compress or add reverb or whatever else we decide we need.
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