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  • Just the usual. Working my *** off. Applying to new jobs. Getting the flu. Dealing with parents.
    Probably going to type more here later, have to run off though for now.
    you can add an amendment aspect

    Contract request from: PlayerA
    Amendment: "A modkill" > "three permanent votes"
    or whatever
    Well I guess I'll give you the idea of it here then;

    Contract Mafia will allow players to contract each other, with the mods to punish should they not follow the contract.
    To get right to the point, here's an example

    PlayerA wants to make a contract with PlayerB.
    This is the template:

    Contract Request: X
    Punishment for breaking the contract:
    To sign/refuse, PlayerB posts this:

    Contract Request from: Y
    example time

    PlayerA posts in a separate post:

    Contract Request: PlayerB
    PlayerB will keep his vote on PlayerX for the rest of day2. In trade for this, PlayerA will allow PlayerB to control his vote for the entirety of day3.
    Punishment for breaking the contract:
    A modkill

    As you can see, contracts and punishments are completely freeform. You can sell everything, from making a case to voting to using a night action. Hell, you can even contract someone to claim or whatever.

    For example, Ryker could've contracted me to vote Inferno in trade for Ryker never mentioning my name in his posts (making me effectively voting immune).

    **** like that.
    stop being appear offline

    goddam this is cello marl all over again
    *randomly talks in the hopes of actually being online*

    dont you log in to skype/msn more often or whatever
    though it's just including a mechanic i thought up sometime ago

    if you dont mind/have the room for adding something refreshing, hit me up
    I probably should, looks like it'll be a fun one. Buuuuutttttt I take the LSAT again on Saturday n stuff plus at least 100 other school related bull**** assignments are on my plate.

    Once I actually make a dent in that workload and finish up test prep and what not, I may just sign up. We'll see =P
    That episode is one of the weirdest/grosses ones I've seen. That the Ice King uses a bunch of bandages for underwear is just the most disturbing thing for some reason.

    Also, penguin **** maybe the only cute kind of **** there is.
    That was the game that made me paranoid about everything, especially trusting you lol. You owned that game, which was a good although traumatizing experience for me as a newb. Pretty sure its like a DGames rite of passage to play and get owned by scumKuz
    Let's see...games we were in together:

    Celebrity Mafia: You lynched me, won as scum
    BIM 4: We both lost as town
    Bingo: You were lynched by Nabe but still won as scum
    FFIX: Epic indy win :D
    DKR: I lynched you, won as town
    HP: I lynched you, won as town
    D.Gray: You lynched me, won as town
    Awkward Moments: You nk'ed my slot, won as scum
    Time Travellers: Lol that game, both lost as scum :p I did help with your lynch though

    So many good games there! Interestingly enough that's like a pretty accurate representation of my DGames history as a whole. We've been in a lot of games together and we were still only on the same team 2.5 times lol
    That would be good!! Errr...just don't be indy mason or get yakked lol :p
    Haha I'll try, but if not can we at least be indy lovers again? that was legitimately awesome
    Your conversation with JTB was entertaining.


    /stalking jtb, not you

    /time to stalk glyph
    I absolutely loved your performance in MM. Consider me a fan.

    You can add me on any messaging program, I'm online always and always.
    I'm laughing so hard right now

    sometimes I forget about the censor hahahahghahghaghahahhahahahhaha
    no maritimers :(

    also holy fuuuuuuuuuuck THAT SONG

    alright you caught me that's me

    the song never really caught on though, couldn't tell you why
    someone in UBlogs, in a political debate, mentioned trickle down economics.

    Not only as a good thing, but as a counter-point. To anything.

    oh godddddd my brainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
    i really can't br0... got 3 weeks of way too much work b/c history seminar and then leaving for florida for 2 weeks over christmas

    i just wont be able to play nuff

    "i cant wait for the day we're both town and we both realize it and go balls deep on scum

    that would be so ideal"

    Hells yeah!! we just have to both be town sometime, which is harder than it sounds lol. Also...having an investigative role and being able to CONFIRM you are town would probably help, since you know, you're always scum :p
    I've never actually watched it high, though I can see how the experience could be enjoyable. That I love the show sober could be taken as a positive or negative aspect of my character.
    Glad to hear that especially with how well last time went. Feel free to just send me a message on here to tell me when you're on again.
    Well awkward moments wasn't the ONLY game where we were of different alignments and not at each others throats...there will always be celeb mafia lol.

    Haha well you came off super, SUPER town to me, even as an observer lol so well done, and a well deserved win :D

    Yep, I'm deff interested in Swords' BIM game, how about you?
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