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Recent content by th3kuzinator

  1. th3kuzinator

    Social DGames Social | V/LA |

    remember when swords counter claimed dayvig? ahhhhh the good old days
  2. th3kuzinator

    Social DGames Social | V/LA |

    https://33.media.tumblr.com/3a6255cfdcbee0a6d27eaf8671f22c18/tumblr_nw7qrlX9II1ugrhj6o1_400.gif made me think of this group for w/e reason *waves*
  3. th3kuzinator

    Half Life: Full Life Consequences Mafia - Game Over - Who Won?

    well **** you should buy me dinner before getting me this excited Embarrass
  4. th3kuzinator

    So Who in or Around NYC Wants to Smash?

    Ever since greginator went to pursue a burgeoning career in candle stick making down in flordia I havn't had anyone to play with. Who is down? Feyero you out there?
  5. th3kuzinator

    Smash 64 Documentary?

    i personally think a doc would be awesome. I have tons of info to contribute from 2009 onward, but if you wanna go fully through with it we'd absolutely need Isai's input, which I foresee possibly being a problem I know other vets like frogles and boomfan would probably be down.
  6. th3kuzinator

    Fox - Guide and Discussion Thread

    holy crap i wrote this thread 5 years ago. throwbacks
  7. th3kuzinator

    Social DGames Social | V/LA |

    you cannot grasp the true form of Koozcouz. the world best grain based dj
  8. th3kuzinator

    Social DGames Social | V/LA |

    sup yall. i need your help! normally i ****ing haaaaate any sort of promotional/spam **** as lets be honest its all really annoying. however, theres this DJ battle I'm currently in requires you to promote your own music and this will apparently also be taken into consideration with the quality...
  9. th3kuzinator

    Jigglypuff Discussion

    ybombb is poop
  10. th3kuzinator

    Death Note Mafia - Post-Game

    ronike and ala scummy af. didnt want either dead in thread cuz i needed to kill them via a gun. kinda whack i couldnt actually push any of my real scumpicks cuz i was afraid of lynching kira. kryk slipped by but wasnt much content there to make a really discernible action. but holy **** adumb...
  11. th3kuzinator

    Death Note Mafia - Game Thread - Ovah

    although if i had to BALLPARK call the scum team rn its like trg, ronike, ??? dunno probably FF/ or some **** unsure of where i was to push rn because i need to read more than anything ronike needs to die for 1914 i mean what even
  12. th3kuzinator

    Death Note Mafia - Game Thread - Ovah

    @anyone aside from macman, why am i scum. Someone give me a bullet ffs ill shoot whoever mac tells me to i promise :3
  13. th3kuzinator

    Death Note Mafia - Game Thread - Ovah

    ##crinkle cutter have read nothing but ^ post
  14. th3kuzinator

    Death Note Mafia - Game Thread - Ovah

    ok. then ill trust your read on ran. ran, what's your read on ala?
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