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  • gl hf

    not gona work

    samus is easy, fox just takes luck, ness takes a bit of intuition and skill with his recoveryupB, DK is a silly trick, kirby is another silly trick (incidently i did it with kirby first and thats how i got into it), luigi and yoshi are both sorta hard tricks
    again lol i c

    on a thouroughly unrelated note I have now beaten Break The Targets with upB only with all 7 characters with which its possible! (ness, samus, fox, yoshi, luigi, DK, kirby)

    mario doesnt work, has 2 targets that 100% require suicide, link has a target he 100% cant reach, and falcon/jiggs/pika cant hit targets with their upBs
    Don't worry about it. You're going to be accepted. I don't like to accept PG members too quickly, because there are a number of situations that I feel should be tested in order to see how the debater performs in a holistic sense. Most PG members get accepted on a theme. This is not meant to be offensive, but I associate you with the college acceptance theme. You're pretty good with college acceptance topics, but I don't know how you'd fare with a lot of other topics. In addition there is the personal factor or that sense of assessment that I could gain by refuting you and seeing how you'd respond and vice versa which would truly be the best measurement for an individual rather than observation. KG told me that I'm being too picky, but I can't help it. I just don't want to accept someone I would regret down the road. ;)
    Actually it wasn't that, it was the size. :)

    Unless your signature is related to the topic, don't attach it if your post isn't bigger than it.

    From the rules:
    5. Signature Rules
    Signatures are automatically clipped off if they are larger than 125 pixels in height. Signature images should not be excessively large in file size or stretch the page horizontally. Do not post your signature if it exceeds the size of your post itself; your signature may be automatically disabled if you try to enable it on a particularly short post. Violators of these rules may have their profiles locked at an administrator's discretion.
    Would you like me to type up a sort of discussion topic on America's lack of foreign language instead? I know you have a lot going on, with your college admissions thread and all. I could get it up tomorrow morning. Just let me know.
    kuz im pretty sure they really dont want sigs on the debate threads

    just sayin

    EDIT danget kuz i keep comming back here when i really should be working why'd you have to get me into this :mad:
    yea sorry bout that

    besides not really knowing what mafia is i have soooooo much to do today and tomorow and day after and what am i doing posting this i need to be working cya
    I guess the main thing is that America is really behind on learning foreign languages, and especially when the world is becoming more united and people need more than just English (Chinese, Spanish, etc.) and many fields need a second language (business for example). I guess that's what I have for now. XD
    dont tell me yer STILL at school i see that circly plus thing is yellowish
    Alright. I don't even know what I'd try and post about in the thread, but I'll try my best activity-wise.
    Who is your favorite character?
    Well I was a huge Melee addict (probably still would be if not for a defective memory card) and so discovered Smashboards during the summer of 2007. I posted in the Melee discussions and PokeCenter mainly. Then as Brawl hit I actually formed and headed The Twilight Heroes which was SWF's Brawl Link Clan. After creating our own forum I spent my time away from SWF and working on the clan. Upon expansion and then disbandment in mid-2009 I returned to Smashboards, and made my focus on the PokeCenter, and began leading projects and being a part of the community. Then over the summer Werekill and I began working towards a proposal for a roleplaying subforum, and that's where I am today! :D

    Yeah the topic Shadow Hunting is for the SWF Roleplaying Forum Support I mentioned earlier. We'll be roleplaying a bit more before bringing our idea to Forum Support. Having the roleplays shows the Staff the experience and dedication of us commoners.
    You could probably look up legit roleplaying guides on the Internet.
    Ping and delay are NOT relative to your connection, it is relative to your distance from the server which is currently located in Chicago.
    Why did my ping go from 80-90, to 50-60 by simply changing ISPs :o
    Gray area.

    I would have waited for someone else to reply first, or for the thread to fall down a bit further before bumping it.

    I'll merge the posts so no other mods come along and give you a warning/infraction for it though. In the future, if you accidentally double-post then catch it later, you can PM me (or another mod) and I/they'll merge them.
    I think the post you're looking for re: double posting is this one: http://www.smashboards.com/showpost.php?p=10695991&postcount=5

    When I said that, the primary thing I had in mind was double-posting in video/stream threads with updates (malva has "correctly" double-posted in his stream thread a few times). When in doubt, try to avoid double-posting, or ask me first.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
    your fox ditto bracket isn't working, also people posted (Like Surri over Adam and Absolution forfeiting)
    hmm, kuz, i would like to add my stage counterpicking idea to the op.

    i think it's a less broad topic and pertains to what is being said in your thread.

    it's up to you though.
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