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  • lol, ur welcome. Yeah, i don't have any recording equipment either, BUT, i'm going to be videotaping a wedding sometime in May/June and getting paid $100. So i'll b sure to get sumthin in the summer. Might make a Wario combo video one day if i actually get really good with him.
    Meh, he knows his place anyway. He knows no AT's and isn't on SWF.
    Sorry, it's my lil bro's turn to play what he wants on the Wii. >.>
    Actually, that was my brother. He goes by teh gamertag Flame, while my loving little eight year old sister goes by the perfecty fitting gamertag of DEATH.

    And sorry, my internet went down for a minute or two.
    Boy... you don't realize how great Kirby's b-air is until it's used on you. That and Kirby's strings.
    We're going to use today to play as our schedules have conflicted each other's. If by some chance we can't play today, we'll figure something out and give you a result. Expect it sometime today. If nothing else, one of us will most likely forfeit for lack of free time.
    lol if I did that I would lose the match for sure.

    heh I make up 90% of yours
    Sucking isn't the right way to put it, to suck means to have no skill what so ever. So that doesn't include you. There is just one thing that I noticed and improving on this would make you much better.

    Your problem is that you don't think before doing many of your attacks :p.
    Oh that lol, xD not sure why you forgot that haha.

    The entire first match was lulzy.
    I only use Marth when I lose. : P I'd rather not use my main on wifi at all but...losing isn't fun.
    :o is a smiley

    xD and I was saying ok at the vm after dinner, I assumed you were on spring break for the entire week.
    o: alright, when ever you're online just post a vm or something. I may be watching anime, doing homework, or going to an interview for a job during the week but I'll reply as quickly as I can.
    Hahaha, oooh yeah!! I can't believe I totally forgot about that!! In Melee it TOTALLY worked wonders!! If only it was like that now, haha! Thanks for insight! I can't believe I TOTALLY forgot. Now I'm more confident than ever!

    Well you were offline when I vm'ed you, so I went to do other, non-brawl-related stuff. *shrugs*

    Whatevs I'll wait.
    idk, like ever since a week ago this started happening. And idk, i just didnt do anthing cuz i thought my avi would just randomly comeback.. lol

    trust me tater, after being on here for like 2 years.. lots and lots of technical problems occur, i guess we just get lazy. :laugh:
    well not right now, but at least today, hes pretty active so you two should be fine, but im just trying to narrow down the amount of matches that have to be done by the dealine. ^_^
    "I kick ***"

    Haha, that pic is hilarious. I'm planning on attending a tourney in April. I hope I can rep Kirby really, reaaally well. Online has help me inprove sooo much and think a lot better during matches. Well, take care dude!

    Edit: Oh man, you gotta keep things rated Disney... I can't even say "'A' 'double dollar signs'"
    hey do you match with kola! hoshi no senshi meta knight was DQ'd, if it comes to the last day for this set and it hasnt been done im DQing you.
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