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  • our last match for the first to 7 wins to get in2 the LIO. U can host if u want.
    Hey dude, i'm ready for our last match. A big good luck to u. May the best man win. Also, can we go to PS1?
    Bair is great for spacing as Kirby. Kirby has enough kill moves (like the fsmash which is wow) that a slightly stale bair won't do much harm.

    But meh, I ain't a Kirby (much), so yeah...
    Triforce Tier is just that good :p

    Your Kirby needs less fsmash and moar bair imo, but not a bad job out there overall. ^_^
    Hey Tater, u wanna get that last match done now? btw just wanna say sorry again for havin' to quit on u like that. i just had to go and my parents would not let me finish the match up. :(

    EDIT: since ur not online i'll be brawlin other ppl. However I'll be hosting so just try to join to let me know that ur ready. I'll say no, cancel the brawl with the other ppl, and then u host our match k?
    i gotta go to drama practice. just remember it's 6to6. i'll find another time to brawl u. sorry.
    Heeeey Tater ole' buddy ole' ppal ole' friend. Listen, LP sez 4 me to get into the LIO, i haz to fight u in a barline match, y'know, 1st to 7 wins. I can do it anytime this week @ 4:30 p.m. (i'm in central time. just sayin')
    Tater, get to planning out that match, your gonna have to keep it organized in LIO,so i let you in, for now...
    Plz plan with him and get that match done :ohwell:
    That's not up to me now is it? Keep practicing, chillax a little with your posts, then come talk to Hi5 when you feel you're ready.
    I won't be able to after today.

    I'm working all day tomorrow. But ok, just tell em at the thread.
    Zelda boards = barely anybody there. There are only like, a dozen regulars there.

    Join HOR >_>
    Yep it's one of my worst matchups and I have absolutly no experience or knowledge about him so yeah Kirby ftw and also dacus ing wiichuck player lulz
    It takes a few days to process, just wait a while. Plus no one ever uses the calender haha.

    And no i have not, but my younger brother swears by it as being the most delicious thing ever.
    Got it. Shame that so many had to be DQ'd, though. Hopefully won't happen again in the future for you.
    rofl, I was in school. You prolly saw me online, browsing from my phone in class XD.

    I'll be here though today, so drop me a vm when you come online.
    Ill try to get you set up, maybe with BMX since shadowfirex is in a match with Lash already :ohwell:
    Ill see if i can pull some strings :p
    Who are you intent on using as your top 3?
    I still dont follow...
    LIO is not a parody if thats what you saying, and WHAT makes you wanna be in LIO?
    Its not as easy as it may look, ive recruited some very skilled players that may not take liking to you should you fail initiation...
    Lash D094 is still under discussion, and he has a match this friday to prove if he is LIO legible...
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