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  • Btw, tbh the bit about Diddy wasn't actaully the bad/good news.

    I Sorta chickened out haha :(
    Yush! <3
    ...Now all that's left is to wait one month for a spendable paycheck and I get to train with the masta~


    Well, you know that humbling experience when you (illogically) believe that you're one of the best ones around with your main. Then another person comes along and whoops you around with your own character?

    The thing is, I came back about a month ago. Only for about a week, and was able to brawl everyone again. Albeit, a tad horribly... An unfamiliar controller and rustiness don't mix. But, near the end of my stay, as I was finally starting to get to at least get the hang of the new controll method, I got a chance to fight Diddy.

    No big surprise, he kicked my butt, but what really impressed me was how he did it. He used PT against me, and it was like going up against a brick wall! Seriously, I probably managed to land like... a jab? Then the guy two stocked me.

    It coulda just been the rust. But I dunno, I think you might have a new PT player to play against. Just letting you know. Our champs really saping up mate~

    [SPOILER]...Sorry had to get that off my chest (wanted to give OMG a break)
    :009: [/SPOILER]

    Ohh... and about college...
    How are you liking it so far? :3

    If someone you're at a party and someone offers you a clear drink in a small cup, don't take it.

    Trust me on this.

    Oh dude!

    Now that you're back, there's something I've been meaning to tell you.
    It's kinda bad news, but it's also good news at the same time.

    ...Also wanted to ask if you'd be willing to learn me in the ways of Lucario
    Haha, no worries.

    Protecting the innocent would be fine with me, but I don't think I could judge criminals personally.

    My half brother studies criminal forensics. I'm not that bothered by that stuff either. It just gets depressing sometimes I'd imagine. Offers a lot of creativity and problem solving though xD.

    Your uncle sounds really cool. Speaking of help the weak, I think I'm going to volunteer at the animal shelter again sometime. I suppose that can be my "late" new-years resolution lolol. As much as I like helping people in need, I just feel much more passionate about helping animals since they don't understand their circumstances, ya know? Poor fellas don't understand why their owners abandoned them.

    Yeah, figuring out that stuff is hard. Takes a lot out of ya lol.
    I guess the best possible solution is to try to find a balance between the two, though sometimes that seems impossible.

    So you want to specialize in law (assuming from criminal justice)? That sounds pretty neat. I considered becoming an attorney but I don't think I'd enjoy it day after day. It's still a possibility though~

    Thou must umm... ahh... post in the Wii-U backroom! Because... it needs posting in! And... I can't think of anything else. :(

    Ya know, if that wasn't so funny, I mighta been mad that you just called me a peasant~ XD

    Time to go bug Old Man Grey :P

    Love u Sunny <3

    Just in case you don't check FB:

    There will be pocky and ramune in your future if you're at Summit 6 :3
    Was browsing across the interwebs just now, and check out what I found~ :D

    It'll be cool to work with you too, for sure. Thanks for the support, too!

    Ugh, all of the MK talks I went through, I get headaches just remembering how many walls of texts I had to pump out back then lmao
    O-oh No!

    w-what'd ever give you that idea Sunny? I mean, like, why would we mods be planning a mass takeover on December the 25--

    I mean... No :006:
    Haha, Sunny you must wake up later than I do~ :P

    Uhm... about 3-4 hours ago
    Thanks! I promise you guys I won't let you down <3
    Actually, I think it is intentional, lol.

    Druidry is mostly about not trying to lose ourselves in society or expectations. They are often seen as teachers or people you go to to seek wisdom.
    Druidry isn't actually a "religion", it can fit with Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, etc. or it can be practiced on its own.
    Even the word Druid itself is quite confusing and does not have a concrete definition. However, it gives suggestions and ideas on how to live.

    Oh, that's nice. I wish I can reach that amount of exposure for GW.

    Ah, I see. Luigi is a pocket then. I do recall using him on certain MUs, I remember relying on him when I went against Zeton at Apex '12.

    I see. Well I'll be sure to go through my collection of characters then.
    Oh, that's good, I didn't know you got into the BBR. Wait, so how do you want me to play?

    He's a pocket...I think. I'm not familiar with the term but I have had a huge amount of time dedicated to him. Hmmm...well we can check the matchup tomorrow then if you want?

    Honestly, I don't know. From my experience, you can't but I'm not too informed when it comes to frame data, etc. When I take a character in, I just use them, I don't get into the technical stuff.
    Ruinn lol.
    Just... idk. I hope you're alright. I don't want you hurt over someone like him.

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