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    Social The Ganonic Grimoire - Kongregation of Kings

    is there a list of true ganon combos anywhere?
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    Data Royal Academy Finishing School -- Peach Frame Data Application Thread

    this is great info man. thanks for all the work youve done to advance the peach metagame.
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    Social 7th Heaven - Cloud Social Thread

    I played all cloud at a tourney today, definitely did well, good MU knowledge / overall play in here for those that want to take a look - round 3 vs Uncle (:4bowser: / :4wario:) -...
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    Atlantic South [Sep 26, 2015] MatthewsSmashers"Crazy 8"Grand Re-Opening! 9808 N.E. Pkwy , Matthews, NC 28105

    i didnt mind the pm turnout :) ggs everyone i cant wait for the next one!!
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    Tier List Speculation

    ill tell you right now GaW main weakness is his approaches are linear AF, if you are a character that can space him out effectively with a strong projectile you will win
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    Q&A Meta Knight: Questions & Answers Thread (Don't make or reply to new threads just asking questions)

    does anone know why sometimes the first hit of MKs upb drags people upwards and sometimes it keeps them in place?
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    It's Hopeless

    oh god i was 16 once
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    Atlantic South [May 2, 2015] Matthews Smashers "Crazy 8" IV Tournament (Matthews/Charlotte, NC)

    if thats actually logic, i 2-0 him pretty easily at final round, so thats a mighty short attention span you got there
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    Atlantic South [May 2, 2015] Matthews Smashers "Crazy 8" IV Tournament (Matthews/Charlotte, NC)

    hes trash so he talks up his 'tribe' to feel superior. but that's just human nature. bring down a 5v5 and nc can match :) yall aint **** lol
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    you should really find time for a vacation saph :) remind yourself about all the wonders of our world ~
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    UNC Spring Gamefest 2015

    Why are jwilli and v4 above me and felipe in melee doubles bracket? We beat them
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