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    SOLAR's Bowser Jr : Instant Improvement Thread!

    I've played a lot of games with the character, and my advice reflects what has brought me consistent success. I am not claiming it to be ultimate theory, but I am saying that with this knowledge you can quickly improve and gain a better understanding of the character.
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    SOLAR's Bowser Jr : Instant Improvement Thread!

    If you know me, you'll know I am a Melee Peach player. I don't really feel like Smash 4 Peach transferred over so well, but I do get a kick out of Smash 4 every now and then. I ONLY play Bows Jr when I do play. For me, he's a very unique, creative, and fun character to play as. I don't think...
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    Facebook Groups (LINKS)

    Hey folks! We've got 79 members right now in the Maine Smash FB page! For people in Maine, or who smash/have smashed in Maine! Also, we are initiating a Maine ranking initiative as well!
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    Should Final Destination be a counter-pick stage ?

    We do have stage striking, you know! FD being a counter-pick stage is quite silly, since so many games strike to FD, which reveals that players want it to be neutral. If you don't want to face Marth on FD, then you can strike it! If FD were to ever become a counter-pick stage, I would most...
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    Ideas to keep players coming back?

    Sounds great. To make it better, you could record trash talking videos before each championship game like in WWE!
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    Smash 4 Social Thread 3.0

    I'm having a lot of fun with the game. Just finding that Rosalina is a bit too good, among a few others. Does anybody else find the koopa kid tough to play at a high level? He seems to get wrecked by ROB and Rosalina.
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    Data COMPLETE: Peach Hitboxes and Frame Data (old)

    That goes along with what I said. Somebody decided to give certain hitboxes priority. Cool stuff, Kad!
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    Data COMPLETE: Peach Hitboxes and Frame Data (old)

    Hey all, I have a theory about the Melee hitbox mechanic. Take a look at Peach's F smash hitboxes. You will clearly see three separate hitboxes. I think that if a character is simultaneously hit with all three, for example if peach is standing close to the opponent, that the weaker hitbox takes...
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    [Jul 19, 2014] presents Smash Bros. Major... (East Windsor, Connecticut)

    I'll consider carpooling to this... We'll see. It all depends on how close to my deadlines I am. Also depends on who else wants to go.
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    What Makes a Good Fighting Game?

    What makes a good fighting game, you ask? How about one where you aren't comboed against the edge of the screen! Another feature I like, is increased mobility options.
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    Future of F-Zero

    Smash Brothers alone, without a single penny spent on promotion would shoot F Zero sales through the roof! I do believe this also was the case with Fire Emblem. Even if they released an Ice Climbers game, I'm sure it would receive disproportionate attention!
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    Nicole's Newest Art! What do you guys think?

    My girlfriend made some new drawings and paintings. 3 to be exact! Check em out!
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    Event - EVO 2016 Evo 2014 Final Overview (Pictures/Results) It was a great tournament, and I was lucky enough to catch the top 8! I posted my 2 cents and some things I observed about the event. Feel free to sign up for an account or bookmark the melee info hub to stay updated!
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    [Jun 28, 2014] Mass Madness 13a - NESS Qualifier #7 (Framingham, MA)

    Th0rn and SOLAR = Confirmed! I'm bringing a setup. GL HF
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