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  • Useful answer taken from the ZSS boards:
    It depends on the match-up and the percent.

    Priority out of down-smash is like this:
    1st Goal: KO
    2nd Goal: Rack up damage

    So, in any situation where you can KO out of the d-smash, do it. If they're over 120% and they're light, do a b-air. If they're hanging off the edge, flipkick spike them. If you have the option to grab for 10% or KO for a stock, of course you should pick KO.

    However, if it's impossible to KO you have to think in terms of greatest damage. You want to be able to rack up the most possible damage -guaranteed-. Now, in order to do the most damage, you have to look at what's available for the character you are fighting and what percent they are currently at.
    Now of course, if you are against a Squirtle or a Wario, of course you are going to grab, and then you'll grab-release infinite their sorry *** to a KO. If you're against other characters you can release chaingrab, like Metaknight or Lucas, then by all means, chaingrab them to the edge to control the stage.
    However, if you are against a character that you don't have guaranteed hits out of grab, then you should think about performing high damage aerials. Double D-smash to F-air does a whopping 39% (in training mode). Double D-smash to Rising U-air to U-air (registers as a guaranteed combo at ~50-90%) does a solid 42% AND keeps them above you for a juggle. These options are better than the Double D-smash to D-throw which only -guarantees- 28% (give or take a few with pummels). I find that if you want to set up an aerial chase situation, U-air out of the D-smash is a much better option, since you're already in the air and have a much better chance of connecting with another aerial -and- you do more damage.
    NOOOO why recolor it??Wont that ruin the beuty of her own uniqueness??
    Im not getting started on it btw..just got back from my tourny and im tired.
    Sure just leave thwe creation to me..and i alredy know where to get nice and sexy zss stocks.
    No theres nothing wrong with that...all i wanted to say was stick with one main and use secondary's or if so a 3rd main..but choose ure 1st main wisely and dont switch around...even if u get bored of him/her.
    Well you should see xyro with no lagg.Hes one of a kind and i hope i can play him tomorrow at hobo 11.Im not saying you suck but to see what level ure at.You know what i mean?
    Untill you go to a tournament or play good players and see how u do with zss,dk,or PT you wont see who actually ure good with.
    So yea try going to tournaments..and i see ure playing xyro..his samus is so ****ing nasty.GL lol
    yea im back as zolga pointed out.
    Well the hurricane left us without power for 2 weeks and i had no internet access untill today.
    No damage from the hurricane affected my house but the day after it a flood watch appeared and my house flooded :( thats basically it.
    awwww come on. Pikachu >>>>> ZSS no matter how hot she is. ill play you with MY ZSS though :D and yes 1 is ok for me.
    the go to sprite resource (top right corner) and then choose
    I have a class at 8, and i may or may not be back by that time, but it wont be long after. my roommate will still be alseep (he is SO lazy) but i can play with the controller under the blankets. so yeah just join either the fierce 35 chat or pika chat and i will get on when i get back.
    Yo, I can get ya my friend code sometime, but I have a bit of lag on my end that I haven't worked out yet. Would be nice to play with some people on the boards though.
    monday, wednesday, and friday i have classes till 11:30 (and monday with a lab right after that) then i gotta eat, so anytime after that i can play on those days.
    sure i will be there. and i dont mind playing people, no matter how bad they may be. unlike some good players sigh. I dont get bored too easily. :)
    It was 8:55 for me, so you are mountain time, and i am central. yeah i am open pretty much now till 3:30, then i will be back 5:30 an be open all night(these are my times btw.)
    First off read some of the threads in the Pika forums. you will learn alot there. second, look up anther on youtube, and look at some of his matches of no earlier then june. he will teach a lot. third, PLAY US. we are always willing to play and help out new pikachus. we can teach you very quickly what to do. here is our chatroom. http://xat.com/chat/room/37180170/ you may even find anther on :P

    when it comes to QAL, you first have to learn how to QAC. For QAL, you have to QAC diagnolly into the ground, then use up b again as soon as you stop the first Up b, and go back and into the ground. basically just using QAC back and forth. here is a little guise i am writing. has a very extensive QAC section. http://s1.zetaboards.com/The_Fierce_Clan/topic/570262/1/#new

    Welcome to the best char in Brawl (not best like easiest to use, but most fun, high tier, but very technical char.) have fun with the rat ;)
    WOW, that's AWESOME looking, better than I could do:laugh:
    I understood you weren't gonna be on as much, good luck with your piano stuff;)
    WHAT. Such blasphemy! Why would you do something like that? xD Okay.

    Well, my computer is in the living room, and my dad was watching TV. Not to mention my little brother was on the laptop on the coffee table as well. xD You can sort of see where me RAGE came from. :3 Yeah i figured, she seems too wholesome for that. Its respectable and upsetting at the same time. haha

    You have to be really cool. Nah just kidding, you just have to ask to be one.

    I have to warn you though, it's really tough to stay a debater. If you never post, they'll kick you out. If you post and it sucks, they'll kick you out. If you're christian and you just keep talking about personal stories and you never get anywhere, they'll kick you out. If you have bad grammar/spelling, they'll kick you out. It's terrible xD. But it's definitely awesome if you wanna try. You'll definitely have fun if you find a topic you're really passionate about! Like that nudity thing for example! :P
    Speaking of that thread... is it just me, or is it completely gone now? Like, completely like it never existed?
    heh yeah well, threads like the one I just sent you really helps you find local smashers to smash with. <3

    I don't play brawl online much either. Oh well though, there is the odd time when i'm bored and stuff. Do you have MSN or anything, that way when we feel like it, we can smash :3? Online shouldn't be to laggy either, since we live in the same province. xD

    Yeah honestly. I wouldn't mind if this was some other website, but this is a thread for kids. Even now, I almost freaked cause my dad was in the room, and I just opened a thread with this huge picture of Jessica Alba nude. xD I almost had a heart attack.
    lol darn. Every time i meet an Albertan here, they're from Edmonton or Calgary. =(
    Either way, you're from Alberta so you MUST check out this thread.
    It's the official Albertan thread, with the odd Manitoban and Saskatchewan poster. Forgive the spam and stuff xD. We're actually pretty cool.

    Oh, for sure. 4725 7633 5928

    I play Melee mainly. :3 For brawl, i usually go Random and stuff. I guess you could call me a Falcon main or something since I use him "the most". XD

    ps. I love your avatar. It makes me a drooly and stuff.
    HOLY SMOKES. I just totally noticed that you live in Alberta. O.o What city do you live in? *hopes you live in Red Deer* We should smash sometime.

    Or something.
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