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  • lol ok fair enough, maybe I need to wait and be more active...I know i checked the box and everything, so that could be it, thank you.
    yo, im going crazy haha. I put the sig in my edit signatures thing, and it shows up in the preview, but it wont show up on my posts. whats going on?
    you are one of the few good zss i have played.i hope we can play again sometime.i need practice against her.
    Let's see, I used Snake in a few battles. Can't think of any others.

    In order from best to worst I play metaknight, Ike, Zelda, Dedede, Snake, and occasionally ZSS. I am not that good with her though.
    Your ZZS was easily one of the best ones I have ever played. We should play again sometiime.
    Hi, good to see more underused characters like Zero Suit Samus out there (not many Bowser mains exist).

    Bowser seems to confuse people, no one's fought a good one before :)

    You're good but very aggressive. Bowser *wants* you to approach him and play aggressively. Hope to play you again.
    yo man great matches, i dunno if u were affected but i had some lag on my end. nice ZSS. i havent played anyone who uses her but you showed me some stuff. i look forward 2 playin u again
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