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  • Hey acv,I just got back from my vacation,add me on msn to play the match
    Hey acv, you are facing Giannis in the first round of my MK tourney One of you should PM the other about when to fight (I'm sending this message to both of you). The first round ends on the 30th.
    I'll play you more, but I'd rather not fight your Falcon because I don't feel like it helps me get better.
    since you need practice against her and I need practice against metaknight, then we will play again next time I see you online! my brother uses metaknight, so I want to beat him more often so this will be good practice.
    wow. you are one of the best metaknight's I've played. I'm glad your not like some people I've played who just spam the tornado like theres no tomorrow. An I see you've been perfecting the Infinite Cape. That was cool. You seem like you have a lot of experience playing ZSS...is this true?

    anyways, it was fun playing you...hope we can play again ;)
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