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  • Sorry for asking but do you know any good Ike users and good yoshi users and any good pikachu users here.

    And once again sorry, but do you also know the best of any of those 3 characters.
    you're like the GOD of technical Smash!

    but all in all it's fun watching all your videos which helped me learn alot of strategies thanks to you
    I think im more technical than're okay and stuff but i'd **** you in a real match. good luck reaching my level.
    Good to hear, I dislike Brawl as well. I'm nowhere near as technically blessed as you, but I can do, how would you say, basic advanced techniques?... to your standards anyway. ( SHFFL, waveshine, wavedash ) None of which you can do in Brawl. Awful.

    Sorry about the first post, that was just to grab your attention XD

    Guess you could say I'm a Silent Wolf fan boy ;)

    You are a god among men. Your melee reputation as the most technically skilled player proceeds you. I want to have your babies, you are godly.

    P.S - What is your opinion on Brawl? Bet you think it sucks.


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