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  • come smash!! (MANTECA CA) NOVEMBER 30TTH

    Get ready to smash your way to the top:
    work your way up the ladder with an ally or solo, in a singles
    plus doubles event... 1st - 2nd and 3rd place winner will not
    leave empty handed...
    play hard and win big!!
    Were hoping to give out 100$ cash to the first place winner.
    Oh hi again, I hadn't seen your response to my comment, and today as I was reading your blog I wondered "Did scav ever reply?", so I decided to check your profile here and so here I am typing this. Just wanted to say that although I myself am not involved in any community management, I still enjoy reading the blog because of the insight it gives. You know, it helps me understand how it is that smashboards' community, among others, got it's start and keeps its steam, etc. Keep up the good work. :)
    Happy belated birthday buddy! I wasn't around at the time I don't think or I'd totally not have missed it.

    You can't make me :mad:
    Yep, same Scav :) a lot of what I write about there is about Smashboards, in fact.
    Scav, my brother, I submitted an application to be part of the BRoomers three months ago.

    While I don't expect to gain membership, I figured I'd shoot for it. But hey, at least deny me or something so I can resubmit another application with a different reason, and then get it denied, rinse, repeat.

    They say persistence is key, but I don't want to get on anyone's nerves so please tell me if I am before everyone infracts the halo off my head and the wings off my shoulders. ;)

    I'm just trying to be a little more than a standard user here is all. Love ya!
    Thanks a lot ^__^!

    But... Do I give it a rating, then? I thought you were suppossed to give it a rating. Oh, well. Thanks for the good luck, though! I'm not planning to post it till I have at least 5 chapters (I have 4, so shouldn't be too long), though.
    Sorry to ask this, but aren't you the moderator for the creative minds forum? How long has it been since an active fanfiction came along? I know the Smash Odysee seems to be the most active one. The others seem to have become dead or inactive. Does this usually happen?

    I'm sorry for asking this, but I plan to post my own FanFiction there soon. Also, do I need to let you read my FanFiction before I post it so you can give it a rating?
    Haha "nice meeting you too". :p

    Thanks so much. I know of a place I want to see about that's on 15th and 75. I used to go there for SAT prep and so I know the hotel, but I don't know how much it'll be. I'm going to check it out sometime this week.
    I don't know if I met you or not but I'm glad you could come to my tourney. :)

    I'm working on finding a bigger venue so maybe only a few more times crammed into this place. Thanks for coming!
    Scav, I'm posting to tell you that I don't have any requests for you. Happy New Years.
    Scav I accidentally ran over your dog!

    Ok, now that I have your attention. The custom title that I got from WWYP disappeared when my premium expired. Fix it back to "Grasping at Straws" please? Sorry about your possibly-real dog.
    in my request to the back room my finger slipped and i accidently hit enter. it wasn't finished. sorry if u allow my here's what it was supposed to be

    i would like to join the back room because having my own secret room with only the members would be cool.all of the content would be appropriate and please let me join. thank you for your time.
    Hey, sorry to bother you, but I asked Virg, and he said I should ask you: Is there any chance that the AWYP winners will be getting their orange names anytime soon?

    I'm having problems with how the forums look. Perviously the Avatar/info of a poster would be to the left of the post. But as of today that information is now at the top of the post instead, do you know why and how I could fix it?
    I'm gathering statistics for a graph of SWF's number of users online during the day, but before I put too much effort into this, I just want to ask if an administrator can do this easily.
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