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Recent content by Roxas215

  1. Roxas215

    Characters who should had been in Smash earlier?

    Krystal should of gotten in brawl. It was the only time it made sense. Now we will never get her.
  2. Roxas215

    Meta Mii Gunner Competitive Discussion Thread

    Im currently at 1,169.595gp with mii gunner using 1112. i REALLY like flame pillar. Even over missile. It can chain into itself most of the time then lead into dash attack which is great damage and its basically a free charged shot everytime it connects. Also the bomb for down b turns him into a...
  3. Roxas215

    Your thoughts on Mii Fighters (so far)

    Im using 1112. The bomb drop makes him a mini snake lol. But yea i know what u mean. Something about him just clicked with me. I dont know how he played in smash 4 as i never used him but he seems really good in this game. Im hoping they make the miis legal in tournaments with whatever loadout...
  4. Roxas215

    Your thoughts on Mii Fighters (so far)

    Got to elite smash using mii gunner. He seems really good.
  5. Roxas215

    Official Smash Ultimate Online General Discussion

    They need to fix public arenas. As it is now when the host of the arena lose he/she leaves the arena and the entire arena closes down kicking everyone (which is up to 7 other people) out with it. In EVERY other online game when the host of the lobby leaves the game transfer hosting duties to...
  6. Roxas215

    Create a Fighter! - The future of Miis and Customization?

    So the only way to transfer miis from 3ds to switch is to buy a damn amiibo? smdh.
  7. Roxas215

    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    Keep the tab open and fullscreen it and just refresh when u are able to watch it.
  8. Roxas215

    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    Ok last chance to pick a side and im going with #TeamReal. I just refuse to believe someone that talented would not only go through all this trouble for a fake leak but also risk his job for a smash bros leak. It's very possible im underestimating the lengths people go to troll but i hope not...
  9. Roxas215

    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    Mach Rider not getting in would be heartbreaking. He/She is the only character on this leak im excited about.
  10. Roxas215

    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    To be fair if this whole "Issac" theory is true then we weren't supposed to have this many newcomers left to be revealed anyway. So Sakurai's statement would of still be true. And with all these characters we only have 9 "uniques" that's less then any other smash game anyway.
  11. Roxas215

    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    Saying Banjo is "leak bait" just makes no damn sense at all. Nintendo can't just choose to use a character they don't own as "leak bait" That doesn't make sense either. This was printed on a mural. Not just some internal documents that was meant for in house only viewing.
  12. Roxas215

    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    Wow surprised my account still even works after all these years lmfaooo. Been following all this on smashfaqs but rarely post. Decided to come here and see what smashboards think and after reading everything im part of #TeamReal. This is with me not getting any of my most wanted...
  13. Roxas215

    Kapedani's PM 3.6 Build Ver. 2.1 (feat. 700 Stages, Retro Mode, cBliss & more!) [22/01/2016]

    Anyway too add the 3.61 dev build to this?? I want a offline build for my dolphin and my brother loves playing as knuckles.
  14. Roxas215

    Start pushing the meta

    Im interested to see how we figure out game and watch and spacies
  15. Roxas215

    Emulated controller cam - Any thoughts?

    This is useless until it's compatible with the official nintendo adapter.
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