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  • I'm strongly considering it, but I don't know if I'll get parent-gayed or not. If I have a car and I'm allowed to go(and I choose not to go to GAMME in Florida....), then I'll go.

    Sounds kind of iffy, but I really have no idea how things will work out lol. I do really want to go though.
    Haha well I'm glad you play everyone. It's very good at helping different parts of your game.

    Yeah, I'm more of a Melee head now. I don't hate Brawl by any means though. I definitely still enjoy it from time to time whenever it's around.

    I'll be sure to let you know man! Hopefully it'll be sometime next month and I won't forget until vacation haha.
    Whew it has been quite some time, hasn't it? Who are you playing against these days?

    I don't play much Brawl at all anymore really, but when I'm at home I'll try to remember to let you know so we can play(I'm in college now with no Wii lol). I still remember how the game works though haha.
    Haha yeah, good stuff :) You're really solid for this being your first tournament. Maybe next time we can play some Wolf vs Marth friendlies. There aren't any tournaments I'll be able to go to for a while, but Viridian City is going to be pretty big, if you want to go. Here's the link: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=242727
    It's no problem dude, I love to help. Well I'd say Marth is the last character you should use vs MK. The best one is probably Wario or Falco. Depends which one you feel more comfortable with.
    There's a Wendys right next to the hotel so we'll all be able to eat, and even possibly sneak some food in like I almost always do, don't worry lol.
    I'm not scared of Fatal's Snake cause I usually beat every Snake I face. I've faced M2K before I took him to last stock over 70 percent both games but he's too hard to kill :/ It's possible to beat him though as I have taken a match from him in tourney before so if I play him again I'll try my best to win.
    Friendlies are possible during anytime during the tourney as long as there is a free tv. Half of the tourney all the tvs will be used but the other half there are multiple open tvs for friendlies.

    I also bypass Inui's system, lol, so I do what I want and he won't be able to stop me :D
    Sure, I'd love to do that :D Just try to find me and we can do some friendlies.
    lol nice man.

    In the meantime, my internet is always open if you wanna brawl online! I have an...interesting Yoshi.
    hmmm. Near Hartford if you know where that is. But hour - wise, it's not bad. If we really wanted to we could figure it out.
    you did? yeah we totally could, when or where??? Sorry I havent been on, I have been playing brawl more so I will come on to check. That would be so awesome if we had a match in real life.
    Umm... sure. This is kind of out of left field, but I'd be happy to. I should be available during most afternoons and nights if you'd like to play then.
    Nothing specific comes to mind, other than the usual scranton tournaments. We're still unsure when we're having our crew smashfest this summer, but it's going to be in Duryea, PA if you want to google it ^_^. If you ever feel like driving up some random weekend we could get something going, but idk how many people would show up... We also have a few members staying in Altoona, Pittsburgh, State College, East Stroudsburg, Allentown, and Philadelphia if you're ever in those areas and want some practice. Anyway, if you ever feel like heading up to Duryea, we can meet up and play for a while, either at my house or with the other locals.
    Win in a tourney: ok

    Win a national, where it matters: No

    If you aren't meta, snake, MAYBE wario, your character is basically obsolete. That's how it works. If not, you're facing a huge up hill battle where you have to be a way better player than your opponent.
    I didn't say your taste was bad, I said you don't know much about fighting games.

    There are very few melee players that will agree with me that brawl is a bad game? LOL

    I didn't say a lot of people pretended to like brawl, I did so I could see friends at tournaments. But I don't care about that anymore because brawl is too shallow of a game for me to take seriously anymore.

    The fact that you're basing Marth's ability to win a tournament on the tier list says you don't know much about the tournament scene. MK is the ceiling that prevents Marth from winning tournaments. He also loses to various other top tier characters, but MK is the biggest problem. Marth isn't capable of winning meaningful tournaments, you could basically say he's garbage.
    haven't heard of them = bad fighting games? lol

    melty blood is kind of understandable, but if you haven't heard of blazblue then you probably don't know much about fighting games in general. if you think brawl is a good fighting game then that just further proves that point.

    why should i "think about it more"? brawl is a bad game and i won't waste my time with it when there are better games. have you ever even gone to tournaments? the only reason i "pretended" to like brawl was because of the community, that's why a LOT of people play. but marth won't ever win anything, he's not good enough.

    street fighter
    melty blood

    i could go on, it's not hard to name better fighting games than brawl.

    This game was not tested for competitive play, one can easily see that by just looking at simple things like snake's tilts. melee wasn't necessarily meant for it either, but at least sakurai gave the community more than "party game" material to work with. if Smash didn't have such a great community brawl would be all but forgotten by now. the community is all that keeps it alive.
    because it's a fundamentally bad game lol. there are wayyy better fighting games out there, don't have to waste time and frustrate myself with brawl, something that isnt even meant for competitive play
    yea, ggs :)

    and sure, just get me a video and i'll critique it to the best of my ability
    I'm sorry bro, my internet is a little slower than usual lately I guess.

    Hopefully next time it will be good.
    He's pretty cool yeah. Kinda overly sarcastic, but a nice teddy bear nonetheless.

    More of a sicktwistednastyoverthetophangglidingbuttmunchingcheesesquirtingcliffhangingturdmerkinsonagunyeahyuhsonyaheardrightraaaape
    His name is Boss(Boss8 on the boards), and he is the best Mario/Luigi. He's too good.

    Definitely sicktightnastyrapeawesomehardcoreownageyuhyuhyuh
    Yeah Luigi is pretty crazy. I gotta space that mofo really well.

    Boss made me realize that lol.

    Well my friends and I might be hitting up a movie, but I'll post before I have to leave if that's happening.

    He hasn't texted me back in almost an hour though, so we might be okay anyway lol.

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