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  • Definitely man.

    Good ideas on the secondaries too.

    Sure bro, I'm pretty free most of tomorrow.
    I do decently to badly in tourneys, and yes I play Marth.

    I wish I could make East Coast events, but I'm in Chicago and I'm too young to drive :(
    I would, but unfortunately I'm going out of town tomorrow and I won't be able to play you for 2 weeks... :( Sorry man, I can play you when I got back if you remind me though.
    I'd try at 9:00 just in case, but 10:00 is pretty safe(unless I get a phone call, which happens around then for some odd reason lol).

    Now I just have to remember...
    Hmmm, I really don't know.

    Hopefully no later than 9:30, but I really don't know. I'm outta shape right now so that'll probably help your case lol.
    It'll be kinda late because I'm goin to play tennis with some bros tonight.

    If you message me after I get back in then I'll play you for at least half an hour.
    Really man? Awesome!

    I only play Marth, so that's the only matchup I can help you with, but I'll do my best to make sure you're prepared for that one.
    I don't remember any Marth players except for some guy named JUSTICE lol. You probably saw my MK if you watched me play. Unfortunately I do not play Wifi. Too much lag D: I am going to ECRC though. See you there? :3
    I'm sorry, but I don't remember you at all. :ohwell:

    We can play sometime, sure, but not now.
    dude, u should come up here moar, cause the smash scene pwns face. and maybe we can play sometime. i personally dont play online much due to all my hacks but i can see if i can get enough strength to take some off XDDD
    im also becoming more and more convinced that marth vs boozzer is more stage dependant than actual character, with Marth being able to rack damage better, yet bowser being able to kill alot better..(either thru fire breath gimp of just attacking)
    yeah, i just couldnt do anything in time there....lag on my part that i didnt want to deal with.

    im seriously getting what they mean by lag now that ive played offline with people my lvl...
    btw, wolf is stupid on Wifi due to lag making his blaster nigh unpunishable....
    i just gave up during that one and tryed to land all PAWNCHes on you :p

    the lag is terrible between us tho >.<
    holy hell, i couldnt shield/dodge for ****...

    now I see where the whole lag thing becomes such a gripe <.<

    thought it was always just minor...
    I'm very, very impressed. You've come very far from when you first sent me that message on Youtube asking for help. Keep it up man!

    How did you like my Boozer-ing? did you see me wreck the FFA's 9with the texture hacked attles) for 18 straight games? :p
    Congratulations man! I'm very happy to hear about that.

    Hopefully you learned a lot and you will start taking their money soon. =p
    My AP exams are done now bro. We can wifi pretty much whenever you want to after this weekend.

    Been to a tourney yet?
    Dam Rave, u take a lot of things offensively O_O
    Nothing I said was insulting you, maybe it was just the way I worded it lol
    About shadowfirex100, I thought you were pretty good, and since I played both of you, I was curious to know which one of you is better ;)
    Hey Rave, those were fun matches. A very good Marth, maybe among the top I've played. I knew you were gonna beat me at least once, and u did it fair and square XD Btw, you think you can beat Shadowfirex100? :p
    Fun games Rave, u gotta nice Marth ;)
    Be sure to come to the chat from time to time so we can play more k? XD
    Then or sometime this weekend works for me.

    Enjoy your prom bro. Afterparties **** I heard. =p
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