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  • Would you mind emailing me the Bowser-Wario matches?

    My email is zigsta@zigsta.com.
    I'm definitely trying to work on baiting my opponents. My favorite is using watergun. However on the PT boards, it is still a debated subject.
    No problem. Brawl is about conditioning your opponent and denying them their options. The clearest example I can think of is Marth's fair.

    Marth short hops towards you. You're on the ground. 9 times out of 10, you're going to shield before the attack even happens. Marth instead, grabs you the moment he lands. This is conditioning from years of playing Smash, since you know, most of the time Marth is going to fair when he jumps at you.
    cool cool. I can do that. After this past tournament, I learned a little something; sometimes all you really need is something to get your opponent to react and then move in to punish. I think my problem all this time has been that I have been playing Brawl way too aggressively which is why I've been making these mistakes. After watching Zigsta, Hyro and Jnig, I have a pretty good idea of how I need to model my gameplay after. I just need to slow down, think things through and not be so impatient. If need be let my opponent make the first move.

    Thanks for the help. :D
    Any suggestion on how to fix that?

    I did take Zigsta's advice and payed attention more than I usually would in a match and it worked out just fine, but nonetheless I still fell victim to my habits.
    just as a curiosity; how much better would my performance be in tournaments if I managed to overcome my horrible habit of jumping into my opponent and that ledge thing you told me about?
    Ran, hit me up on AIM. I have gotten approval for my idea and promise for support from a bunch of big-name TOs, and none have said that they were against it yet.
    JNig and I saved a bunch of matches on your Wii yesterday. Would you mind recording them?

    You don't have to record all of them--just the 2/3 I won and then a handful of matches where JNig and I both do crazy ridiculous stuff.

    I'm trying to get more matches of my Bowser on Youtube. I'd really appreciate you doing this. :)
    Hey man, if you want to improve your tournament scene, you should make sure you pay out to top 5. It's a lot of satisfication to know that you won money, and since Lee is in your scene, a lot of the newer/current players may get discouraged since Lee wins everything, and they know that they may not be good enough for top 3. Top 5 is reasonable for a lot of players.

    AlphaZealot explains it in his blog: http://allisbrawl.com/blogpost.aspx?id=76063
    Hey, so I've admired your "MK Temp Ban" sig recently, but I have a question. How did you make it?

    I'm having trouble making transparent animated gifs - mine come out littered with weird white pixels. What program did you use it make it?
    Hi. Just curious as to what font you used for the second half of the temp-ban banner. The one where it says "Join us for a six month ban" and such.
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    hey. hitting females is cool like your blog says. Sometimes a ***** deserves it. You know. Like when they make a bad sammich. Those kinds of things.
    Sorry for the random intrusion, but ive seen you around, and I think you are from new orleans area and i wanted to ask and make sure.
    hehe thanks
    Yeah I just wish I got as much practice/was as good as I am when I analyze this game :p
    Perhaps if we get the time. I don't know I have the patience for camping with him anymore, tho.
    Do you get much contact with Lee Martin?
    I'm wondering because I want to talk to him but I haven't been able to get a hold of him.
    You wouldn't happen to have any vids saved of your Marth, would you? If so, would you mind sending a few to me? I'd like to include them in my documentary.
    Well we go to every hobo we can, and we're actually gonna start bringing our fox main starting next year. We just can't regularly do 8+ hour drives too often x.x. We did it with HOBO and No Koast last month and it was pretty silly.
    Good stuff, but I had expected them to be closer than Houston. Yours are actually like an hour longer of a drive because of the route we'd have to take x.x.
    Why is it everyone i know that has a rant is a Girl, all three have different colors. >.>
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