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    The Louisiana Thread: Flarefox Forever - We are alive.

    How's life? @Popertop
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    Social Outer Heaven - Kept You Waiting Huh?! Snake Social Thread

    I did say I was going to work on some Snake stuff. So, here's the link to where it'll all be posted until I get to the point where I'm ready to make a formal thread about it all. Heavy work in progress.
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    The Louisiana Thread: Flarefox Forever - We are alive.

    Melee Discord Smash Ultimate Discord
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    The Louisiana Thread: Flarefox Forever - We are alive.

    I will be updating this thread with all relevant Discord/Facebook groups later on in the week.
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    Members in Central Louisiana

    Louisiana has historically had most of its scene in the South, split between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Much of this has to do with the population density that these two locations offer. With that said, we have had pockets of players develop in the North of the state. Our community is very...
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    Future SSB Ultimate Competitive Scene

    Basically, the Smash 4 infrastructure and scene is going to be moving directly into Smash Ultimate. The game will be more popular than Smash 4 due to the huge install base of the Switch. The Wii U sold ~13.56 million consoles, with ~5.35 million copies being sold of Smash 4 on the console. I...
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    Landing Lag/Generalized Frame Data Thread (Training Mode Tested// All 76 chars)

    @JohnKnight416 , per the first page: "Items can still be picked up in every other way (dash attack, aerial, airdodge) "
  8. -Ran a global matchups chart with different weighted votes from the community to calculate an average.

    I feel that your voting process could be aided by having a slider to select the date range of the votes, with it defaulting to the last two months. This way as the meta changes, you can see the perception of the matches up altering. This would also allow people to see what perceptions were early...
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    Is bair any good in ultimate? Also other moveset questions.

    Not really. Shield drop in Brawl was faster, and we were able to get people into situations where we could C-4 sticky them. The aerial version drops on frame 9, and with a three frame jump squat now, Snake is going to be well equipped to chase people when they are on platforms holding shield for...
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    Ultimate Platform Camping

    With the changes to the frame data for air dodges along with aerial landing lag, it should be significantly harder to simply platform camp against most characters. You simply aren't going to be safe up there. According to early data, neutral air dodges last ~50 frames, and are invulnerable from...
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    Snake's Virtual Reality Training Center

    Yes, that's a good deal of aerial lag. We will have to see how high we have to do jump to further reduce the lag, due the nature of the long duration moves that Snake has. There's also possibilities of being safer due to throwing out the move earlier/immediately out of the jump. The bigger new...
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    Social Outer Heaven - Kept You Waiting Huh?! Snake Social Thread

    Most of you won't know or remember me, but I'll be trying to help you all break Snake once the game comes out. Long, long time ago, I was a member of the Brawl Back Room, and a Smash Lab member.
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    The Louisiana Thread: Flarefox Forever - We are alive.

    There are multiple. The main Louisiana Smash group is, in regards to Facebook. For Discords, it's a matter of if you want Smash 4 or Melee. I only have the link to Melee which is...
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    The Louisiana Thread: Flarefox Forever - We are alive.

    It's just, much like most states, our main method of communication is Facebook along with conversations taking place on Discord.
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    Looking for melee players in the Hammond area of Louisiana That's pretty much where our entire community is.
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