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  • Yeaaaa, I was blue before everywhere. I can be blue again while still being a mod, but the other mods will chew me out for that. Quite sad, I like blue. :( although being both blue and red should make me get purple faster
    Nope, I've been a mod for...... Hmm, don't remember. I think it was early March or something. Although, I remember that during that day I was quite sad I couldn't go to a Brawl+Melee tourney, so being modded lifted my spirits.

    Anyway, nope, been a mod for at least 2 months now. :D
    I know he's got a lot of..."questionable" stuff. It makes me want to show you another artist tbh. Do you have AIM?
    I'm connected with a lot of Artists so I see a lot of stuff :) I've seen some cute pictures in my day.
    Eh, not really as far as I can tell. You mixed things up decently and your spacing was usually quite good. I'm not the best critic, especially for characters I can't play well.:p

    EDIT: actually, try to Smash DI out of the turtle if you get hit with all of it, and learn to tech G&W's down throw. It's very helpful.
    Eh, kinda. When I first picked him up I was mostly using him as a joke (I loved how his DAir can kill people on stage at about 80%). I learned to love the way his attacks hit, though, so I just stuck with him. He's usually one of my best characters, but in heavy lag his large stature and mobility difficulties make him get hit with everything.

    I use a lot of characters to be honest; my mains are probably Game & Watch, R.O.B., Ganondorf, Bowser, and maybe Wario and Jigglypuff. I also use Samus, Captain Falcon, Ness, PT, Fox, and I'm picking up Mario. :p
    I usually like Delfino, but (like on the aerial part of Halberd) Ganon has to sweetspot the ledge with his Side B or he falls.

    I've killed myself more than once that way lol
    Yeah, Wi-fi can get some getting used to.
    Since the closest scene to me is over an hour away and I can't transport myself, I have to settle with Wi-fi. Peach's recovery can be really good or really bad. The fact that she can't grab the ledge backwards when her parasol's up is irritating, I'm sure.

    And I saw that stitchface on Delfino! :mad:
    Good games.

    Peach really is quite good at racking up damage, but she's not that great at killing.

    And I'm pretty sure her UTilt beats G&W's DAir.
    So I'll get on I guess
    Good luck, I don't know much about fighting peach >.>
    Hahaha, yeah. I tend to be a complete anus in mafia games but it is still just a game, and I don't take any of that beyond the game. It's just how I play, so glad you see that. Seeya in the next game.
    Ahoy. Just wanted to let you know that when you were done being a trolly ****er you were actually a pretty good player in UCM and useful townie, and I think you've got potential. I figured I owed you something like this after all the mean stuff I said D1-2 (it's still all true though :p)

    You got moxie, kid, I like you. [/1920's guy]
    oh I apologize then. I thought you knew i wasn't already over the comment in the DR that temporally caused bunny to be banned. :urg:

    Im sorry!! :(
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