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  • Well, I have a fantastic sense of humour, so no worries. There's a reasonable chance that your jokes will always be funny.
    It's true. I don't think up topics, I just reply to them. And there's not a whole lot there right now.

    Ah, well. I'll wait for the tide to turn.
    We're pro.

    And speaking of debaters, there's been a serious lack of activity in the DH lately.
    Yeah, i just noticed that today while i'm at my friends house playing, he pretty decent also, he's better than me ATM because i have nothing to practice with, but when i do, i'll definitely catch up to him, thanks for the advice, i'll keep that in mind
    LOL, i definitely learned that i HAVE to ban Final Des against a Falco, but it's the practice such as that i need to get better, i need to play against someone like you that knows what they're truly doing so i can build up my patience and zoning. I definitely don't mind traveling to play players that i feel are equal to or better than to gain that experience, it's all fun for me, and as long as i gain knowledge and have a good time. I just have to travel more and gain the experience. I thought GA was a bad state to play in, but it's a pretty solid state i think
    Yeah, i was considering that, but will i lose my whole purpose in playing then? Because i talked to a friend i've known for some time now and we both came to the agreement that we either have to pick up someone better, learn the matchups better, or just stop playing. I can play Snake, Marth, Diddy, D3, Falco, and Fox, but for me to "win," i would more than likely have to use a "tier" character because to me, the game was built that way, and not having a Wii to practice really doesn't add on to my game, perhaps i should find local players to play against and see what they are about because honestly, i don't get enough decent practice in, with the exception of my one friend that lives near me, issue is, i don't know anyone else that lives in Riverdale that plays
    Nothing much, just getting ready for school this semester and still thinking about Smash., what i want to do with it as of right now
    Erm, I'd say between a week or two. It really depends on who is looking at the Proving Grounds. But if you keep replying to threads like you are now, your name will continue to catch their eyes and then before you know it...you'll be in. So yeah, just keep replying and create a thread at least once a week.
    awesome, good to hear :). I wish the proving grounds was a bit more active however :(
    Yeah, mine was great! Just hung out with friends, and all that jazz.

    Oh and keep up the good work in the proving grounds! You replied to a lot of topics. You'll be a member in no time. I'll be sure to nominate you too. ;)
    Hey check that out! Haha.

    That is awesome! Must be fate. =P

    Well I hope you had a good birthday! XD
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