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  • hey RedHalberd I wanted to ask you how you go about watching videos and picking up things to put in your game. i know you wrote something about it awhile ago. I just wanted to ask you. Im trying to incorporate somethings into my style, but I dont think im identifying what and when should i do things and why its good etc.
    you don't happen to have any plans to be at ktar 6, do you?

    i doubt it would ever happen since the farthest i'd ever travel for tournaments is nj/ny, but i would love to play you IRL hehe
    I stopped playing Melee a while ago. I do have a controller and a copy of the game, though. Just in case. Hell I'd even get in to Brawl again if it meant doing something.

    I'm trying to get in to MvC3. Execution is balls, but I'm working on it.

    When do you guys meet up? And where?
    Aiyyo, I responded back to you in the thread. I didn't notice you posted at all. My bad, if it seemed like I was dodging you. LOL
    I'll continue it here, too hard to follow the tier list thread for ****.

    After a few months, people will realize how strong IC's are if you don't play stupid with them. They inevitably will rise to at least 5th, if not surpassing even Falco and Snake. Falco's guaranteed to be over Wario for the rest of Brawl unless a bunch of death grabs or recovery exploits are found against him. Dedede and Lucario will forever be below him as well. So he's basically stuck in the 6th-9th range. I think next tier list he will be 8th. Olimar will go up, Pika will stay there. I still have doubts about Pika's range and some of his supposed even MU's like Marth, and unlike Olimar you don't see multiple mains placing well with him in tournament.

    That's my call for next list.
    I didn't know anyone besides me had read The Game by Neil Strauss. Hella amazing book. I have it in PDF form if anyone wants it

    "raises hand"
    lol you got this! Don't go Peach unless your confident.

    Do you think Vinnie is a better overall player than ESAM?
    of course you get recognition for going 60% of the time.

    some don't even go 30% .. lol
    yeah, I agree - she is SUPER fun to play. Killing is really hard, but it gets easier with more practice.

    Marth is definitely my worst matchup. I hate fighting him more than Metaknight, Snake, Falco, etc.
    You were playing extreeemely well. It seems like you just understood the character a lot more compared to when we played at WHOBO 3. Probably due to the fact that you picked up Peach a bit. Yeah, 2link is definitely the next big Peach, his playstyle is unorthodox but it works, and really well. He just has to figure out a way to keep his opponents from abusing Peach's flaws and he's set.

    LOL you saw my blog xD
    Haha thanks, I felt really bad. And yeah I will try my best to make sure we all go. I swear if Jason cancels again I will smack that kid.

    I will post on the thread to make sure they get a carpool going. If they say so, jump on it. lol
    Man, I know. I was so pissed. Jason cancelled literally last second, and Adam didn't feel like driving... I hate this family when it comes to doing something. They're too lazy...

    RedHalberd am so sorry, you don't even know. I wish I could do something about it but I am not the one with the drvier's license. >_>

    I hate to ask this, but is there any chance you would be down again at any of the upcoming ZP's???
    Would you actually come down to SFL for a ZP?
    Sorry if it sounds mean to just be like COME DOWN HERE, but honestly I would like to meet you and my brothers would like to see you again.
    LOL ***** better not ditch me. Would you seriously pick xaltis or dfear over me? GTFO you know esam with mvd and seibrik probably teaming with afro ya ******.
    LOL last question what did you mean by "Dat Anti @ 3:16"

    The roll?

    Or the up b?
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