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  • I might get gold today XD

    Besides that, I'm getting good at brawl and deciding wether I should quit brawl and get into SF or stay with Brawl and play SF for fun.

    Also, school is boring :( I still have 6 weeks till summer...

    Summer's practically here, just four more weeks. >__< I mostly just play Brawl+, FE11, CoD4, and I'm looking to get a couple of more games.

    Just a little inside joke between Azua and I. xP

    A think a month ago, lol.
    ......o if you refer i well what i wrote in my profile is ...is only that no one cares ofm me is just that and of course the pain and frustration thast i have for that .....so don't worry i don't say it for you ok

    o i will start for first the mean school that mean school was capturing my time using his devasting powers the evil evil home work aaaaaaahhhhhhh but i resist it uff too tough jiji later the goddess of the luck grand me strenght the enougt for still having the lvl that i have no matter the time and maybe im a lil more better than i was and well i need to be a lil more strong for resist 4 more mouths of mean mean school and for all that support me i will dedicated that end of the school for me (almost went i want to comeback ) so that is pretty obviusly include's you ok

    Heyyyyy Ness. A lot's happened in between, and yeah, it has been a while. How've you been keeping up? xP
    Gah I need to update that thing lol. I should probably do it tonight.

    I don't have a 360 anymore, but hopefully I will get one for my birthday. If I do maybe we could play after then lol.
    o i forgot go to sleep ok be late isn't too good so goodnight and have sweet dreams ok pkness see ya tomorrow

    hi pkness a while without talk my bad sorry and very very of course the mean school so how are you ?
    anything new ?

    yeah, I've been gone for a while, and I play melee most of the time ever sinve my friend got it. but Ima train with ma link again in brawl I used to have a kickass link, falco, falcon, and marth but I stopped playing.
    Its been ok I guess. I was only on briefly the time you saw me, then my brother played on my name. I'm still a shell of my former self, but I figured I would get back into it for a bit before I take another break.
    Hey sorry for the very late reply. :(
    I haven't been able to get in wifi/brawl because I've been very busy with rl. I finally have you added, again sorry. (^.-)
    Good games! I think it was DarkD that dc'd. Ah well, I'm done for the night anyway. I need to get to bed soon.
    a ok but is a lil late and well my dad will see the tv that i use for play the wii T_T but i can tomorrow all day i can be very soon conected so i will be wait tomorrow for you ok
    Haha, yeah that's me you guessed right. You weren't bad either for being a bit rusty. Your Link was pretty tough to beat. And thanks for the compliment.
    ok and well that will be very good if some friends join if not you can also invite a some of your friends ok
    a well maybe tomorrow ok in the after noon for see if another friends want to join ok
    ok im fine and well is for trade it the wii from him from what i seek is for the smash data that i have in there and is to my brother so i need to trade it a wii for him wii for not do it all again is too much T_T
    thats kool i havent been on lately so yea

    and i still have u on my roster so i dont wat happened
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