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  • I tried playing melee again earlier & I failed so badly thanks to only playing Brawl,lol!
    I keep trying every now & then,I used to be awesome with Ness,Falco,Fox,Falcon,Mario,Link & Roy.
    I kind of felt like I deserved it for not playing Melee anymore.:laugh:
    haha yeah i still play some melee everry now and then. I use marth, falco, and fox.
    After falco I just started using random, and got Tlink, which I seem to be decent with, since he is very similar to the 64 link:)
    ugh I could have won so many times, but my control wouldn't register the double jump:( that last match was fail for both if us:laugh:
    well, my dad is on the TV so I probablly won't get to get on until aobut 7:30/45 or 8:00:(
    Crap, my dad wouldn't let me get on to play, and now he just told me there was a symphony concert, so is tomorrow around 7 or 8 fine?
    If I remember correctly you live in AZ so that would put us in the same time zone, but I can't on Fridays:( I have gymnastics practice (I am a straight guy btw) so maybe on Saturday?
    that was my biggest complaint, Rare should have stayed with nintendo, with donkey kong as an exception (of course)
    That's really cool.
    I got a 360 with bank kazooie: nuts and bolts(which sucks compared to the originals) and SPORE.
    me and byron decieded what we're going to do. I'll tell you once we get it updated. (smash tourny right?) yeah i've been gone for quite a while.
    that's an odd random question, but I say brawl especially since I don't own melee so ive only played it about 20 times, but overall I like brawl better
    ugghhh....this is going to be harder than I thought to actually play each other isn't it? I'm also pretty busy with work and school, and with you also being pretty busy. We are going to have to both set aside one day when we can both play each other with no interruptions.
    huh, if you mean by gaia, I haven't had time to make an account

    have you gone to the smashbros.team-talk.net?
    yo killermarth, I think this little tourney is going to be on Saturday so i was thinking maybe today some point you and i could have some warm up battles with marth vs marth and then my falco vs your character that u r going to use.
    Well...I've yet to even go against your marth, which kind of upsets me. I've been looking forward to battling your marth for some time now. Maybe we can battle a bit earlier before the tourney starts and we can see how good our marths are. Heads up though, I haven't been playing brawl for over 2 weeks now, because of school so don't expect anything crazy or anything.
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