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Pink Reaper
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  • @ Pound when I got my name tag they typo'd it out to be rPSIv
    rPSIvduck doesn't work as well.
    Aaah but there's so many games to choose from :'(. The popular ones would obviously have already been done, I was thinking of doing megaman 7 since it's probably an easiesr game to start off with.
    How's that speed run going?

    I wanna speed run something, we should have a speed run competition! :D
    Yea its just there because I'm assigned to mod SSBM/SSB64

    Its w/e lets all just lol at it.

    Or I'll gain magic powers into the MBR, we'll see =3
    I'm going by strict UU Pokemon, Pink Reaper. I ran UU Stall against Chibo. I don't even know why. I think I was just too lazy to actually teambuild, haha.
    cats are pretty awesome

    you also have probably the best avatar on swf and you are so consistent with it

    BRB, reinflating diaphragm. What kind of VM has a scroll bar LMFAO...........!!!!!!!.

    In other words, "WHY JUST ME??!"
    Alright. I don't really know why almost every Staff member hates me with a burning passion as dark as their colored name, but go ahead and hate all you want. When have I legitimately acted important because of whatever bull**** I've done? My "accomplishments" in the PokeCenter have been nothing compared to the likes of Chill, Umbreon, and Spire. I'll reiterate this again - people wanted projects started. Nobody stepped up, so I decided to take a shot at it. Every project that has failed - which I am well-aware that is a high number - has faded into obscurity. The rare occasion that I bring one back is when, again - the community asks for it, such as in BOTM. I know full well I'm a commoner. Does my username color look red / black / green / mahogany to you? No. It's silver. Know what that means? It means I'm a normal person. If anyone is aware of that, it would be me, the actual person. If these "fanboys" are talking whatever, then just ignore them and move on. I've already mentioned this to Meta-Kirby and I'll mention it again - I've been harassed all my life because of skin color, and all I do is ignore them and they stop with time. You keep responding to this scenario, calling out my so-called "fanboys", which only adds more oil to their fire. Just ignore what they're saying. Have I been saying I'm the most important person in the PokeCenter, or has it been other members?

    I really could've just stopped caring past SmashCAP. I have a lot of stuff on my back with Senior year, college applications, and AP courses. But I stayed. That should be more than enough to show that I genuinely cared for the PokeCenter and wanted the best for it.
    Pink Reaper, this is your inner soul speaking. You know you want to update the Kirby match up threads. You occasionally wake up in the middle of the night in cold sweat, realizing that you have not updated the Kirby match up thread. The terror at the thought of it getting out updated by VG cats is a thought that torments your soul so. Please, do your soul a favor and update the Kirby match up thread.

    -Have a good day
    Dragoon Fighter telling you what your inner soul said to him/her.
    It is.

    I hope i don't get infracted.

    Its just sad that Melee players take this opportunity to down the brawl players for no legit reason. I'm pretty sure something like this has happened in the Melee community and even street fighter. So much for community support.....................
    Lol ah I see. Ah, Copycat. I remember playing him from Saffron City. I tried my best against him but still nothing(in tourny), really good Shiek. I'll play his Kirby the next time I see him, thanks. : D
    So where do you smash at dude? It would be interesting to play you. I don't play much good kirbies. : ]
    I have a question. If I posted a new thread that is strictly based on Kirby strategies would you lock it? Not necessarily match ups (we already have that thread), just play style tactics and metagame.
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